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January 14, 2010  1:35 PM

NSN/Ericsson won TeliaSonera LTE deal, displacing Huawei

Posted by: Tom Nolle
4G, Ericsson, Huawei, LTE, NSN, packet infrastructure

NSN has apparently scored a big win at TeliaSonera, displacing Huawei from the list of vendors the Scandinavian provider approved for its national LTE rollout. Ericsson is the other national player, and Huawei is now limited to...

December 22, 2009  11:11 PM

4G’s impact on metro networking: Focus on simplicity to win

Posted by: Tom Nolle
4G, bandwidth, LTE, Wireless broadband

One of the biggest questions about any market is whether it should be viewed from the supply or demand side. Supply-side markets are those where the product/service is in demand and where the demand is essentially controlled and manipulated by changes in the supply. Voice telephony has been such...

December 14, 2009  1:26 PM

TeliaSonera’s commercial LTE launch: The industry is watching

Posted by: Tom Nolle
4G, Ericsson, Huawei, LTE, TeliaSonera

Whether there’s seasonal joy in Who-ville these days may be less important than whether there’s LTE joy in Scandinavia. There, operator TeliaSonera has launched the first commercial LTE service, and it will offer...

November 10, 2009  1:54 PM

Sprint & WiMAX partners to invest more in technology development

Posted by: Tom Nolle
3G, 4G, LTE, Sprint, WiMAX

Sprint and others in the WiMAX partnership have agreed to contribute more money to the 4G wireless technology despite the view by some that WiMAX is the poor stepchild of 4G and that LTE is the...

November 2, 2009  5:14 PM

Juniper/NSN joint venture and the LTE connection

Posted by: Tom Nolle
enhanced packet core, Juniper, LTE, NSN

Cries that Juniper must now match Cisco and Tellabs and buy a mobile-core player are ignoring a critical reality -- and it’s not that Juniper’s new superchip can make its universal edge portfolio into an Enhanced Packet Core box (though it can). The real issue with wireless, guys, is that...

October 30, 2009  2:57 PM

NSN professional services a plus for carrier procurement zone strategy

Posted by: Tom Nolle
AT&T, LTE, NSN, procurement zone, professional services, Qwest, Sprint, Verizon

The head of NSN’s North America operation said the company would be an LTE leader in North America, and said it rather emphatically, to be sure. The comments came at NSN's analyst event this week, which was a parade of optimism on NSN’s prospects in the market, not only in North America...

October 27, 2009  3:59 PM

Verizon quarterly financials tell classic telco story

Posted by: Tom Nolle
capex, FiOS, LTE, revenue, Verizon, wireless

Verizon delivered a classic US-telco story in the third quareter: Wireless was doing very well, telco TV was doing better, enterprise services were under price pressure, and wireline losses continued.

For Verizon, the net was better than Street expectations. Most encouraging were

October 14, 2009  11:26 AM

Cisco’s Starent acquisition could be LTE procurement zone play

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, Juniper, LTE, M&A, procurement zones, service layer architecture

Cisco wrote another big check, this time to acquire Starent, a major player in the mobile/LTE space. And with the move, it may have leapfrogged a number of competitors. Starent and Cisco were somewhat competing previously, and Wall Street reports that it expected Juniper to announce a partnership...

September 23, 2009  2:04 PM

AT&T to jump to 4G, abandon HSPA+

Posted by: Tom Nolle
3G, 4G, AT&T, HPSA, iPhone, LTE, procurement zones, Verizon

AT&T has abandoned its HSPA+ (high speed packet access) plans in favor of a migration to 4G LTE, a move that isn’t at all surprising, given Verizon’s commitment to LTE and the extreme competition between the...

August 25, 2009  12:08 PM

Huawei’s T-Mobile LTE win shows revenue concerns

Posted by: Tom Nolle
4G, Huawei, LTE, T-Mobile, wireless

Huawei, which recently appeared to reaffirm its guidance on sales growth for the year, has won an important T-Mobile trial in Austria. The deal gives Huawei the largest LTE field trial in Europe to date and...

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