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November 26, 2008  5:06 PM

Cable advertising standards and programs

Posted by: Tom Nolle
cable, Comcast, Cox Cable, IP advertising

Cable companies’ efforts to create a uniform national ad market are moving forward even as some in the industry hope for an Obama FCC decision to permit further mergers and acquisitions. At the moment, the market share cap imposed on cable prevents further consolidation, and cable operators...

October 17, 2008  3:24 PM

Google financials point to recession-proof market?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Google, IP advertising

Google again beat Street estimates with its revenue up 31% and profit up 26%. The performance of Google in the last quarter isn’t a complete vindication of the company’s business model in bad times—things have gotten worse since then—but they are a strong indicator that Google and perhaps...

October 14, 2008  12:24 AM

Spectrum auction has free wireless Internet conditions

Posted by: Tom Nolle
FCC, IP advertising, mobile data, Wireless broadband

The FCC has cleared the way for auction of spectrum that would be conditional on providing free wireless Internet service. The move has been controversial because most in the FCC believe that there is no way to make such a service work.

Other attempts at free or low-cost wireless...

June 26, 2008  8:33 PM

Microblogging: Trouble for network bandwidth?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
IP advertising, Online advertising, Social networking

Twitter, the “What are you doing” less-than-texting concept, is gaining a lot of buzz, users and funding. Monetizing any social network has proved difficult, and Twitter’s simple approach makes it harder than usual to see how ads might work there, but it still raises a troubling question for...

March 3, 2008  2:18 PM

Golden Google: Signs of reality?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Google, IP advertising

Business Week has joined other publications and sources in noting that Google may be experiencing the signs of decay in its basic click-through ad model. Google’s stock sunk when its reported clicks dropped in January, and investors began to worry whether the Google model was...

February 1, 2008  3:46 PM

Microsoft’s Yahoo bid

Posted by: Tom Nolle
IP advertising, Regulations, Windows Computing

Microsoft has offered to buy Yahoo, a move that clearly indicates it believes Google to be a threat, and also that Google may be vulnerable. The move comes after a slower-than-expected quarterly growth rate from Google and a better-than-expected result from Yahoo (though the results didn’t help...


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