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April 6, 2009  2:44 PM

IBM/Sun deal breaks down but could revive

Posted by: Tom Nolle
IBM, mergers and acquisitions, Networking, Sun Microsystems

There are reports that the Sun/IBM deal is off because of a breakdown in talks over the price. Some say this is a negotiating ploy, but others have said there is really an irreconcilable difference here.

Is this a Microsoft/Yahoo reprise? Most expect the deal to revive when Sun’s...

March 31, 2009  1:52 PM

Intel’s Nehalem chip and the Sun/IBM dynamic

Posted by: Tom Nolle
chips, IBM, Intel, Linux, Open source, processors, Solaris, Sun

Sun’s relationship with Intel on the new generation of processors may bear fruit with Solaris support for the Intel “

March 18, 2009  4:16 PM

IBM to acquire Sun? Benefits for the cloud

Posted by: Tom Nolle
blade servers, Cisco, Cloud computing, IBM, Sun

IBM is said to be in talks with Sun on acquiring the company, which has been troubled since the NASDAQ bubble burst. The move would give IBM a commanding position in the server/hosting space for the Internet and a strong position in telecom. A move would very likely create considerable angst...

March 2, 2009  3:58 PM

IBM’s cloud computing position: Make the PC obsolete?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
bandwidth, Cloud computing, IBM

IBM is using its clout with universities to pull the computer science curriculum n a more “cloudy” direction, to build awareness of and skills in cloud computing. According to our sources, IBM’s radical shift is based on simple economics.

IBM believes that as network bandwidth...

February 16, 2009  2:18 PM

Cisco positions for cloud computing move

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, Cloud computing, enterprise networking, HP, IBM, Juniper, Microsoft, Virtualization

Cisco is reportedly eyeing VMware for possible acquisition, a move that would surely put Cisco squarely into the IT competition and mark perhaps the most dramatic transformation of business model attempted by any major U.S. tech vendor.

There are other things that Cisco could be focusing...

February 12, 2009  7:10 PM

Microsoft’s cloud strategies

Posted by: Tom Nolle
application architecture, cloud networking, HP, IBM, Microsoft

Microsoft is still playing coy with its Azure cloud computing pricing, but there is little question that Microsoft and IBM are both gearing up for more competition in the space, and other players like Sun and HP are doing likewise. Cloud computing is a typical emerging market in tech—vague and...

January 23, 2009  4:31 PM

Cisco blade servers — part of a bigger plan?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, HP, IBM, routers and switches, servers, service ecosystem

Rumors that Cisco was going to enter the blade server market have been swirling for a year now, and got some boost from being published in The New York Times this week. It appears from our sources that Cisco really is entering that market and will be making the announcement...

October 9, 2008  8:42 PM

IBM financials strong despite economy

Posted by: Tom Nolle

IBM reported a solid quarter in any times, and a sterling one in the present economy, with profits up 20%. IBM also reaffirmed its full-year guidance, a move that sent analysts into a feeding frenzy and boosted stock futures today.

We believe that IBM’s numbers reflect two...

October 6, 2008  1:26 PM

IBM expands cloud computing offerings

Posted by: Tom Nolle
capital expense, Cloud computing, IBM, Software as a Service

IBM is expanding its cloud computing offerings, responding in part to the realization that during tough economic times, many companies will trade service expense for capital expense, particularly when credit is difficult. We believe that SaaS and cloud computing could be a big winner in the IT...

September 15, 2008  12:28 PM

Microsoft focuses on software in network planning

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft, service delivery platform

Microsoft has released a new TV platform for advertising, Mediaroom, but the product won’t actually be available until June of 2009 according to sources. The release marks a major initiative by Microsoft to become the platform provider for a wide variety of service components in both emerging...

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