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September 25, 2009  1:12 PM

Does Gmail outage open the door for Operations as a Service?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
carrier services, Google, OTT, over-the-top

Google’s Gmail suffered yet another publicized outage, which is raising concerns not only about whether the Google system is really ready for serious use, but whether SaaS and cloud computing overall might be exposing enterprises to more risk than they bargained for.

Data on the paid...

September 21, 2009  1:44 PM

Google Voice, Apple, AT&T and the FCC: The flap continues

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Apple, AT&T, FCC, Google, regulation, smartphones

Google has released some information that suggests that Apple’s statements to the FCC in July about blocking Google Voice were...

September 11, 2009  12:25 PM

Motorola’s Android phone: good but compelling enough?

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Android, Google, mashup, Motorola, smartphones

Motorola has launched the Cliq smartphone, its first Android operating system...

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September 4, 2009  7:24 PM

Smartphones drive wireless, Android updates in pipeline

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Android Sprint, AT&T, Google, smartphones, Verizon

Whether smartphones clog cellular networks or not, they’re in demand as flagship elements of engagement with the consumer. They also help reduce a provider’s churn and let the provider churn...

August 24, 2009  12:25 PM

Google and wireless regulation in the U.S.

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Apple, Google, iPhone, net neutrality, Skype, T-Mobile, VoIP

There’s more debate on the smartphone VoIP front as both Google and T-Mobile deny there were any deliberate restrictions placed on Skype for the T-Mobile Android handsets....

August 10, 2009  1:53 PM

Paid content trends indicate deals are in order

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Google, online content, paid content

News Corp is planning to charge for viewing at least some of its key news sites to access stories, and likely all four major publications including The Financial Times and The Sunday Times. The shift isn’t unique—The Wall Street Journal charges for its online...

July 16, 2009  12:10 PM

SaaS impact felt on software market

Posted by: Tom Nolle
cloud-based services, Google, managed services, software as a service (SaaS)

Showing that oversimplification isn’t unique to network reporting, there’s recent discussion that SaaS will have a major impact on the software market by making it harder to justify incremental functionality in “resident”...

July 8, 2009  6:20 PM

New Google OS: Solidifying the cloud/SaaS partnership

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cloud computing, Google, Microsoft, netbooks, SaaS

Google is said to be announcing a new PC/netbook operating system today, a move that would make Google’s competition with Microsoft a very real thing and not just media hype. Rumors about the new OS are that it will be based on

July 1, 2009  6:44 PM

Cisco talks cloud offerings, focuses on Microsoft, Google

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Cisco, cloud-based services, Google, hybrid cloud, unified communications, Virtualization

Cisco is talking a lot at its annual user conference, Cisco Live, but it’s not always being definitive. Cisco is said to be considering an expansion to its WebEx collaboration suite to include

June 29, 2009  1:47 PM

Google Voice “UC” offers telecom-providers major angst

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Add new tag, Google, UC, unified communications

Google is now starting to admit new users to Google Voice, and the new offering is certainly a step that will give telcos worldwide some major angst. Google Voice is a free service that provides a...

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