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November 11, 2010  12:47 PM

Verizon’s iPad approach bundles mobile WiFi hub

Posted by: Tom Nolle
3G, 4G FiOS, femtocells, iPad, Verizon, VoIP, WiFi

Verizon has started to advertise its iPad deal, and it’s a bit more complicated than the rumors had suggested. What the big telco is doing is bundling an iPad with a mobile WiFi hub, a gadget that links to a 3G service and then creates a mini-hotspot to which

May 28, 2010  2:47 PM

Deutsche Telekom to launch LTE trial, add Wi-Fi hotspots

Posted by: Tom Nolle
3G, 4G, Deutsche Telekom, DT, femtocells, hotspots, Long-Term Evolution, LTE, traffic management, Wi-Fi

Deutsche Telekom (DT) is planning its Long-Term Evolution (LTE) trial this year, even as it also expands its Wi-Fi

February 18, 2010  2:09 PM

Femtocells highlighted for heavy LTE network demand

Posted by: Tom Nolle
4G wireless, femtocells, LTE

Guess what? Femtocells are coming! We’ve been talking about the role of femtocells in LTE as extending far beyond the home and extending to hospitality and enterprise sites. Now that’s being...

January 13, 2010  5:14 PM

Spectrum-use questions surround new magicJack femtocell home system

Posted by: Tom Nolle
FCC, femtocell, femtocells, magicJack, VoIP, wireless spectrum

VoIP provider magicJack, whose commercials have oversaturated the screens of so many users, unveiled a femtocell home system that would let customers make wireless...

July 9, 2009  1:14 PM

Operators look to more effective traffic analysis and management

Posted by: Tom Nolle
3G, 4G, DPI, femtocells, IMS, traffic management

O2 has been deploying DPI for traffic analysis (and possibly management) in its upgraded 7 Mbps upgrade to 3G, and some of the information the company has gained could have a significant impact on 3G/4G planning...

June 24, 2009  2:10 PM

Femtocell deployment to test 4G pricing and ROI

Posted by: Tom Nolle
4G, Alcatel-Lucent, femtocells, ROI, Vodafone

Vodafone is planning to release the first European femtocell offering in about a week, using Alcatel-Lucent products. AT&T is also planning to expand its currently limited set of trials immediately, and to have a national...

May 21, 2009  1:02 PM

4G LTE adoption may depend on smartphone model

Posted by: Tom Nolle
3G, 4G, femtocells, LTE, Motorola, smartphones

The LTE transformation appears to be gaining momentum, even though it still looks like no significant investment will be made until 2010. We believe that a major factor in this is the decision by service providers to adopt a smartphone-pull model...

May 4, 2009  1:24 PM

BT sends signal on future voice services

Posted by: Tom Nolle
4G, BT, femtocells, Fixed-mobile convergence, FMC, LTE, P2P, Skype, voice services, VoIP

A securities analyst has reported that BT may be slow-rolling 21CN and may in particular be rethinking its notion of migrating from TDM/PSTN voice to VoIP, at least in the near term. The information came out as it...

January 26, 2009  2:08 PM

Verizon “Hub” VoIP to be FMC flagship

Posted by: Tom Nolle
femtocells, Fixed-mobile convergence, service delivery platforms, Verizon, VoIP, wireless

Verizon will be launching a VoIP product, “the Hub”, that will also be the flagship of its FMC and likely femtocell position. The new product is designed to deal with the end-of-life issues facing TDM voice and to provide a lower-cost way of offering voice services without risking loss of...

October 15, 2008  2:20 PM

Metro and access drive ’09 deployment focus

Posted by: Tom Nolle
capital expense, femtocells, Fixed-mobile convergence, FTTH, GPON, Metro Area Networks

It is becoming increasingly clear that 2009 will see the most action in the metro and access space. Worldwide, operators are looking very hard at FMC and femtocells, and we believe that there will be some deployments even in the US by 2H09. There are also a number of competitive initiatives from...


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