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Carrier Ethernet

December 10, 2007  9:50 PM

Dueling Cisco/Juniper Ethernet switch rumors

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Carrier Ethernet, Ethernet, Internet, IP services

Rumors continue to spin around a new Juniper enterprise Ethernet switch and a competing Cisco product launched, not surprisingly, at about the same time. As we reported last week, financial analysts were predicting that Juniper would launch its Ethernet switch on January 29th in New York at a...

November 21, 2007  1:53 PM

Carrier Ethernet creates equipment market shifts

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Carrier Ethernet, Routers, Switches

Research is confirming what many have noticed anecdotally: Cisco, Juniper and Nortel are gaining in the carrier router-switch market and Alcatel-Lucent is declining. The shift is likely driven in large part by the shifts toward Carrier Ethernet deployment from traditional routing, a shift that...

November 13, 2007  3:25 PM

Hammerhead Systems’ service-based PBT strategy

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Carrier Ethernet, MPLS

Hammerhead Systems has announced a service-based PBT (Provider Backbone Transport) strategy that adds the MEF E-LAN and E-Tree connection models to the traditional PBT E-Line model. The move is the first in the industry to aim PBT directly at creating retail services rather than at managing traffic...

September 25, 2007  9:24 PM

Juniper earns Carrier Ethernet credibility

Posted by: Tom Nolle
Carrier Ethernet

September 25 2007: Juniper has released two new members of its Ethernet family, giving Juniper the full range of product capacities it needs to be a credible player in the carrier Ethernet market. In the announcement, Juniper made no specific mention of the two emerging...

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