Telecom Timeout:

August, 2010


August 26, 2010  3:47 PM

What do consumers care about IPv6? Tell us, please

Posted by: KateGerwig
IPv6, Stratecast consumer services

We've been hammering on IPv6 migration issues a lot lately, and we'll probably keep yammering as IPv4 addresses dwindle. But to change up the IPv6 discussion, we thought we'd get off the "what you and...

August 19, 2010  1:43 PM

Why do CDMA femtocells cost more than WCDMA femtocells?

Posted by: Jessica Scarpati
CDMA, femtocells, telecom market

Today's story on the rapidly expanding femtocell market brings up some eye-popping forecasts for the global market -- from 1 million units shipped this year to 62 million by 2014, according to


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