February 26, 2013  2:48 PM

Top Market for Apps

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Apple, BlackBerry, Google, iphone

Hi all, it is obvious that China has awoken from his slumber and is now a capitalist market to be worked with. The new found wealth of the population combined with the more open nature of the government has allowed many previously closed trade routes to open for business. One of those businesses is...

June 30, 2012  8:55 PM

Project Glass from Google

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, With how much we interact with the Internet in a given day, it isn’t a surprise that tech giants are coming up with ways to make it – yes – even easier to access information. In April, Google announced Project Glass, a pair of Internet-connected glasses. Then this week they...

March 1, 2012  2:37 AM

VMware VS …

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, in the world of hypervisors, is there anyone that is really better (right now) than VMware? In a few years it seems like Microsoft might start to take over the market but VMware is king for the moment. While a lot of companies would take this an opportunity to coast on their past glory...

March 1, 2012  2:35 AM

VCP 5 Upgrade Course

Posted by: Joshua Wood
VCP, VMware

Hi all, if you were lucky enough to get your VCP 4 upgraded to the new VCP 5 exam then congratulations. If not then you are going to want to check out the "What's new" course below. It is now a requirement for people who didn't take the upgrade exam from VCP 4 to VCP 5 in their alloted (very short)...

February 29, 2012  3:06 PM

Google Two-Factor Authentication

Posted by: Joshua Wood
authentication, Google, two-factor

Hi all, recently I had a family member who got her Gmail account hacked by someone outside of North America. Apart from the sick feeling of violation that she felt she also wanted to know how to make sure that this didn’t happen again in the future. Enter Google’s two-factor authentication. It...

February 29, 2012  2:37 PM

Google Privacy Policy

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Google, privacy, youtube

Hi all, Google has changed their privacy policy so that all of your Google services will be (kind-of) merged into one online identity. This will allow them, or so they say, to offer a more comprehensive experience. This is obviously a problem if you maintained your lives of say Google+ and YouTube...

January 31, 2012  7:11 PM

Google Change Privacy Policy

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, Google recently changed their privacy policy. The changes where pretty widespread. It seems that the looming FaceBook IPO is putting Google on the defensive at least in the short term. Based on the changes that they have made it looks like they are consolidating all of their resources into...

December 30, 2011  8:45 PM

Google Plus – Idle But There

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Google, Google Plus

Hi all, Google Plus is out there. People, whoever they are, are using it. And it is getting more users every day or so the stats say. Here is my main question. Who are these people using Google Plus? I definitely don’t see them. I saw an article a few months ago, that I can’t find again for...

November 30, 2011  1:34 AM

Android is King of the Hill

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Android, Apple, Google, IOS, smartphone

Hi all, when it comes to the OS that most smart phones use I would not have seen the Android and the gigantic lead that it has gained in the last year over its competitors. The small and free OS for smartphones has, as of last count, taken over 50% of the smartphone market. I don’t and haven’t...

October 29, 2011  4:42 PM

Cisco Should Make Products Not Hardware

Posted by: Joshua Wood
ASA, Cisco, hardware, ISE, ISR G2, prodcuts, VMware

Hi all, I like Cisco. Someone would say I love Cisco. They make great products. They fill the voids that are in the market with solid solutions but here is what I don't understand, perhaps you can enlighten me. Why isn't Cisco moving towards a services focus more than a hardware one. I have said...

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