November 30, 2011  1:48 AM

Cisco Company Switches – Finally

Posted by: Joshua Wood
3560-c, Cisco, Switch

Hi all, a llloooonnnnggg time ago Cisco put up information about the Cisco 3560-c company switches on their website. The specs on these tint switches are really nice for a 10 port gig routing switch. Pricing and availability was delayed for an unknown reason for a long time. At some point over...

November 27, 2011  8:07 PM

Sample HP Procurve Coniguration

Posted by: Joshua Wood
HP, Procurve, Switch

Hi all, a long time ago I published a blog about a sample HP Procurve switch configuration. That blog garnered some good comments. This is an updated and modified version of that same blog post but with the updated changes. This is the name of the switch. These names are not relevant to the...

September 25, 2011  11:07 PM

Cisco IOS 15.x for Switches

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, IOS 15, ISR G2, Switch

Hi all, by now most if not all people have come across IOS version 15 for routers. The new ISR G2 series which is quite is amazing runs IOS 15 out of the box. But what about switches, well it turns out that for some switch platforms (note more may follow) Cisco is moving them to the same standard...

April 5, 2011  1:00 AM

New Cisco SMB Switches

Posted by: Joshua Wood
3560-c, Cisco, SMB, Switch

Hello all, Cisco comes out with products almost continually it seems. They are big company with an even bigger base of users and companies to service. The landscape of the networking field doesn’t change like some of the other facets of IT does but it does move along a good pace. Cisco recently,...


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