September 30, 2011  1:05 PM

DMVPN – Not Just for Branch-to-Branch

Posted by: Joshua Wood
branches, Cisco, DMVPN, HO

Hi all, recently I have the opportunity to work with a client that needed a way to get from their branches to their HO securely but without knowing the IPs of the branches. This was complicated by the fact that the branches were using DHCP IPs for their Internet connections at the branches. The HO...

September 25, 2011  11:07 PM

Cisco IOS 15.x for Switches

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, IOS 15, ISR G2, Switch

Hi all, by now most if not all people have come across IOS version 15 for routers. The new ISR G2 series which is quite is amazing runs IOS 15 out of the box. But what about switches, well it turns out that for some switch platforms (note more may follow) Cisco is moving them to the same standard...

September 25, 2011  10:51 PM

DMVPN for VoIP – Branch-to-Branch Communication

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, DMVPN, IPSec

Hi all, VoIP (voice over IP) is hot these days. It isn’t as sexy as some of the emerging technologies but it still being deployed at an ever increasing rate. One of the challenges with VoIP is how to allow your branches to make calls between one another without first having to go the head office....

August 30, 2011  12:36 AM

Remote Access ACLs

Posted by: Joshua Wood
ACL, Cisco, ssh, telnet

Hi all, I see it all of the time. An administrator has a solid network. Security isn't bad in most cases in fact pretty good. But the network is highly exposed to hackers due to unrestricted access to attempt to login to routers and switches. In pretty much every network device that I have worked...

August 28, 2011  11:22 PM

Cisco Needed to Make Servers

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, HP, UCS

Hi all, I was debating with a friend recently. His stance was that Cisco should get out of the UCS (or server) business and focus on their core product lines of routers, switches, VoIP, etc. Making sure a company’s core product line is solid isn’t a bad thing. It rarely could be or should be....

August 27, 2011  11:47 PM

Cisco ASDM Demo Mode

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, Cisco’s ASDM is one of the management tools that you can use manage your ASA environment. It is a great tool for viewing your ASA’s and if you don’t like the command line interface it is also a great way to configure them. But what if you want to look through the ASDM and how it...

August 26, 2011  11:26 PM

Coming soon … Cisco UCS Express

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Branch, Cisco, Express, UCS, VMware

Hi all, Cisco has a server line of products. That we already knew. Cisco has recently announced that they will start selling a version of the UCS that will fit into their routers. To that I say, “About freaking time!”. This is a great idea and one of the ways that I think that Cisco should have...

August 26, 2011  12:34 PM

Cisco Virtual Products

Posted by: Joshua Wood
ACS, Cisco, WAAS

The world of virtualization is moving forward and down into the network portion of the data centre. Several of Cisco’s network products are getting virtual versions of their network products. The Cisco WAAS, which is their WAN optimizer, and the Cisco ACS, which is an authentication server, are...

July 16, 2011  11:19 PM

HP Responds to Cisco 2T Supervisor Announcement

Posted by: Joshua Wood
2T, Cisco, HP, Supervisor

Hi all, recently I discussed the announcement that Cisco made about their new Supervisor cards for the 6500 platform. During the press release that Cisco made they made a comparison to what they believe to be the equivalent HP solution. The comparison was between the $38,000.00 Sup2T and they said...

July 15, 2011  11:18 PM

New Cisco 6500 Supervisor

Posted by: Joshua Wood
2T, 6500, Cisco, Supervisor

Hi all, now that Cisco Live is free I was able to watch the press conference release of the Cisco 6500 chassis supervisor. The recurring theme of the release, apart from the supervisor itself, was that Cisco sees the 6500 chassis as a product that they will continue to support for years to come....

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