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June 23, 2012  10:01 PM

HP ComWare CLI Guide

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, ComWare, HP, Procur

Hi all, HPs acquisition of 3Com’s ComWare based product line has the market trying to adjust to the reintroduction of the player that left the North American field a while ago. With it is reintroduction is a reintroduction of the command structure. In order to ease the transition for IT...

June 23, 2012  9:52 PM

UltraBooks of Today

Posted by: Joshua Wood
HP, MacBook, Toshiba, ultrabook

Hi all, the MacBook Air is small, light and has a nice battery life. It is a solid machine if you can work in a Mac based world. But what about the PC equivalent. UltraBooks are the answer to that question and they are impressive. According to the Top Ten Reviews website there are at least 2...

February 29, 2012  3:01 PM

HP Network Cert Fasttrack

Posted by: Joshua Wood
certification, Cisco, HP, MASE

Hi all, so you have your Cisco CCNA or CCNP or possibly even CCIE and you want to work with one of the other network vendors in order to say … expand your horizons or just to know what is out there. But you don’t want all of your learning and studying of the dark side to be in vain. No you want...

January 27, 2012  11:29 PM

LLDP on Cisco Devices

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, HP, LLDP, Mitel, VLAN

Hi all, Ciscos CDP has been around … well forever it seems like. CDP is an incredibly useful protocol that tells you at a layer 2 level what switches or routers or such are connected which other devices. This simple protocol allows you to map out a network in a short period of time. Another...

November 29, 2011  11:45 PM

HP Procurve Manager

Posted by: Joshua Wood
HP, PCM, Procurve

Hi all, managing your network gear is a chore and not a fun one like cleaning out the ice cream box. It can be tedious and without reward. There are switch backups, monitoring of ports, traffic reporting and more things that are just good house cleaning take a lot of time. In the HP Procurve world...

November 27, 2011  8:07 PM

Sample HP Procurve Coniguration

Posted by: Joshua Wood
HP, Procurve, Switch

Hi all, a long time ago I published a blog about a sample HP Procurve switch configuration. That blog garnered some good comments. This is an updated and modified version of that same blog post but with the updated changes. This is the name of the switch. These names are not relevant to the...

August 28, 2011  11:22 PM

Cisco Needed to Make Servers

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, HP, UCS

Hi all, I was debating with a friend recently. His stance was that Cisco should get out of the UCS (or server) business and focus on their core product lines of routers, switches, VoIP, etc. Making sure a company’s core product line is solid isn’t a bad thing. It rarely could be or should be....

July 16, 2011  11:19 PM

HP Responds to Cisco 2T Supervisor Announcement

Posted by: Joshua Wood
2T, Cisco, HP, Supervisor

Hi all, recently I discussed the announcement that Cisco made about their new Supervisor cards for the 6500 platform. During the press release that Cisco made they made a comparison to what they believe to be the equivalent HP solution. The comparison was between the $38,000.00 Sup2T and they said...

June 24, 2011  11:06 PM

FireFox 5 Goes Live

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, like most in the world who use FireFox you should have been presented with the option to upgrade to FireFox 5. Like most in the world of IT you were likely wondering what the heck is different between FireFox 4 and FireFox 5 and you would be right to do so. You can find a list of the...

June 6, 2011  11:59 PM

HP is Catching Up to Cisco

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, HP, Procurve, router

Hi all, well HP bought 3Com. That was good move for HP. In fact, it was a great move for a company that wants to compete with Cisco on their own turf. Has HP integrated the 3Com product line into their own well enough? Gartner thinks so. Based on the link below Gartner gave HP a pretty sweet bump...

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