October 29, 2011  4:54 PM

Cisco ISE – Key for BYOD

Posted by: Joshua Wood
BYOD, Cisco, Integrated Service Engine, iphone, ISE

Hi all, today more and more companies are opening up their cooperate infrastructure to BYOD or Bring Your Own Device strategies. This has serious implications for IT departments because you have no way of knowing who will bring in what at what time and for what reason. Well, leave it to Cisco to...

October 29, 2011  4:22 PM

Siri Likes Interrogation

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Apple, iphone, Siri

Hi all, Apple has announced and released the iPhone 4s. One of the key features of the new hardware platform is Siri. It is meant as an assistant that you can assign tasks via voice commands. It seems geared towards tasks like driving or running where you could use your hands to do these tasks but...

September 30, 2011  1:11 PM

Managing Macs at Work

Posted by: Joshua Wood
AD, Apple, Centrify, iphone, iPod, Mac

Hi all, managing your mobile work force is tough, difficult, tricky always changing and never ever as easy as management thinks it should be. Now add Macs to the mix. With the introduction of the iPhone, iPod and iPad along with the series of desktops, laptops and netbook style devices they have...

May 8, 2011  9:35 PM

Your Next Phone … Paper

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, It is still in the research phase but a university in Ontario has developed a set of computer components that look and act like thick paper. At 9.5 centimeters they call their prototype the Paperphone. I don’t know the specs are on the device but iPhone 7 may be paper thin. Until...

April 29, 2011  4:30 PM

Apple Doesn’t Track iPhone via GPS … mostly

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Apple, gps, ipad, iphone

Hi all, Apple has released several statements saying that they don’t use the GPS data that they collect about customers but that they collect GPS data about customers BUT that the data that they collect they do use, just not for tracking although GPS data can only be used for tracking …...

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