October 29, 2012  11:19 PM

Amazon – Strikes at iPad mini

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Amazon, Apple, ipad

Hi all, if competition for the tablet space wasn’t already heated Amazon started to take swings today at the tablet leader on their homepage. Their homepage sported a matrix comparison of the two products with an excerpt from a review by Gizmodo. The quote from Gizmodo ended with “… cramming...

August 24, 2012  2:40 AM

Infographic Shows Apple’s Worth

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Apple, ipad, iphone, iPod, MacBook

Hi all, In the past 10 years, Apple’s stock increased by more than 8000 percent. Today they are the most valuable company in history. It seems everyone has an Apple something… whether it’s a computer, an iPad, iPod or iPhone. At least one of those, and often more. While it remains...

July 29, 2012  6:43 PM

Flash Card App

Posted by: Joshua Wood
ipad, iphone

Hi all, If you’re an IT person who finds yourself in a constant loop of studying for a cert or exam, flash cards can be a great tool for remembering a lot of those terms or command structures. Check out gFlash+ in the App Store. The app gives you the ability to create Flash Cards right on...

August 30, 2011  12:46 AM

iPad – Can it replace your laptop

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Apple, ipad, tablet

Hi all, tablets and other portable devices are moving along at an amazing pace. The power and functionality is on the cusp of being able to replace your laptop. But can it do that today? Well, as always in IT, the answer is a definitive maybe. If all you need from your laptop is office, email,...

April 29, 2011  4:30 PM

Apple Doesn’t Track iPhone via GPS … mostly

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Apple, gps, ipad, iphone

Hi all, Apple has released several statements saying that they don’t use the GPS data that they collect about customers but that they collect GPS data about customers BUT that the data that they collect they do use, just not for tracking although GPS data can only be used for tracking …...


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