July 9, 2008  12:00 PM

Generic Cisco RAM

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, Routers, Storage

Cisco routers and switches are like any other piece of computing hardware. It needs slow long-term storage and fast short-term storage. In the case of a Cisco 2821 router this equates to compact flash storage for the long slow storage and regular RAM for the fast short-term storage. Typically,...

July 8, 2008  12:00 PM

Cisco Feature Comparison Tool

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, Routers, Switches

The need for more robust hardware is always a struggle. Cisco hardware is very exspensive so you always want to do more with it than you origianlly intended. What seems to always end up happening for me is that I load the IOS with just the features that I need and then later I need to a feature...

July 7, 2008  12:00 PM

CCNA Voice Certification

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Cisco updates their exam tracks every few years and requires each certified person to re-certify every few years (typically 3). Recently they have introduced a new track for those wishing to pursue the VoIP side of things. CCNA Voice Certification can be found

July 6, 2008  8:16 PM

Cisco Router Emulator

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, Training, VirtualBox, Virtualization

Cisco hardware and software is extremely complex. When it comes to routers their abilities are unmatched which is why a lot of people strive for the Cisco certifications of CCNA, CCNP and the highly coveted CCIE. But who can afford to purchase 5 to 10 thousand dollars for the hardware that you...

June 25, 2008  2:59 PM

5 Sample BGP Configurations

Posted by: Joshua Wood
BGP, Cisco, Load sharing, Networking

Cisco's documentation is some of the best for any IT product. With the fast pace that IT keeps for change and the complexity of the products that they make a hand has to be given to their technical writing department. To that end here is a link to five sample BGP configurations that anyone using...

May 30, 2008  2:56 AM

How-to Set the Time on Your Servers and Routers

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, HP ProCurve, Microsoft Windows, Networking, Routers, Switches

(Windows, Cisco and HP Procurve) Time synchronization on your network gear is very important. Logs, IPSec tunnels and other services rely on the correct time to make sure that they are doing their jobs properly and securely. In order to synchronize the time your network gear (routers and...

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