November 30, 2011  1:58 AM

Cisco SMB UC

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, Cisco has been trying hard to get into the SMB space. It is a tough thing for a company that likes to over engineer to do because, well, they just can't help themselves. With the acquisition of Linksys it looks like they gained a vehicle into the SMB but have they really? That remains to be...

November 30, 2011  1:48 AM

Cisco Company Switches – Finally

Posted by: Joshua Wood
3560-c, Cisco, Switch

Hi all, a llloooonnnnggg time ago Cisco put up information about the Cisco 3560-c company switches on their website. The specs on these tint switches are really nice for a 10 port gig routing switch. Pricing and availability was delayed for an unknown reason for a long time. At some point over...

November 29, 2011  11:56 PM

Cisco Says It Will Get Cloudier

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, cloud, Gmail, Hotmail, VentureBeat

Hi all, ok forgive the terrible pun in the headline but the cloud is all the rage these days and to some businesses it makes a lot of sense. It is basically outsourcing some of your key IT needs to another company. Email is a classic example of this. Places like Gmail or HotMail have been offering...

November 27, 2011  8:17 PM

Cisco – Virtual ASA Firewall

Posted by: Joshua Wood
1000v, ASA, Cisco, cloud firewall, virtual

Hi all, Cisco has been making a solid effort in recent times to free themselves of the requirement of hardware in order to use their services. This is a great idea and one that I have supported in many of my blog posts. Recently Cisco announced that they will be introducing a virtual ASA. The...

October 31, 2011  3:19 PM

Cisco – CleanAir

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, CleanAir, wireless

Hi all, Cisco's CleanAir technology is pretty new to the market. The idea though is simple enough. It enables access points to sample interference so that they can avoid it. The results are pretty impressive and give wireless the ability to avoid microwave ovens like it should have always had....

October 29, 2011  4:54 PM

Cisco ISE – Key for BYOD

Posted by: Joshua Wood
BYOD, Cisco, Integrated Service Engine, iphone, ISE

Hi all, today more and more companies are opening up their cooperate infrastructure to BYOD or Bring Your Own Device strategies. This has serious implications for IT departments because you have no way of knowing who will bring in what at what time and for what reason. Well, leave it to Cisco to...

October 29, 2011  4:42 PM

Cisco Should Make Products Not Hardware

Posted by: Joshua Wood
ASA, Cisco, hardware, ISE, ISR G2, prodcuts, VMware

Hi all, I like Cisco. Someone would say I love Cisco. They make great products. They fill the voids that are in the market with solid solutions but here is what I don't understand, perhaps you can enlighten me. Why isn't Cisco moving towards a services focus more than a hardware one. I have said...

September 30, 2011  2:34 PM

Cisco IOS ZFW vs ASA

Posted by: Joshua Wood
ASA, Cisco, IOS, ISR G2, ZFW

Hi all, the ASA is Cisco’s premiere firewall solution with most of their marketing leading people towards the ASA when they need a firewall. The Cisco IOS has more features, more horse power and is more flexible than the ASA. This leads you to question why Cisco just doesn’t use the licensing...

September 30, 2011  1:23 PM

Cisco’s New Zone-Based Firewall

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, Firewall, ZFW, Zone Based Firewall

Hi all, Cisco has not so recently come out with a new firewall solution for their routers. I guess their felt that the IOS firewall feature set was getting a little old and so they needed something fresh. Zone-based Firewall or ZFW is what they seem to have come up with and I must say it is pretty...

September 30, 2011  1:16 PM

Cisco IPS/IDS for the Router

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, IDS, IPS, ISR G2, router

Hi all, Cisco has several products. In fact most would agree that their product line is too complicated and filled out but that is a topic for another time. Let’s say you have a router and it sits at a point in your network where you want/need an IPS/IDS. You don’t want to put in another piece...

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