March 30, 2012  11:39 PM

ASA-X Series – IPS

Posted by: Joshua Wood
ASA-x, Cisco, IPS

Hi all, Cisco’s ASA X series of firewalls boast some impressive numbers for throughput but what about features. Well, the X series will incorporate the ASA IPS directly on the same hardware as the ASA itself. With the X series of ASAs there will no longer be a need to buy a separate hardware...

March 30, 2012  11:15 PM

Cisco ASA X Series – Introduction

Posted by: Joshua Wood
ASA, Cisco, X series

Hi all, Cisco’s ASA series of firewalls has been around for some time. The product line and the corresponding technology has moved along at a decent but not break neck pace. When it comes to security products you want the tried and trusted product, not the flashy new kid on the block. Cisco has...

March 1, 2012  2:24 AM

Why Cisco not Juniper

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, juniper

Hi all, Cisco has put a post on one of their blogs about the benefits of Cisco over Juniper. That video is tongue-in-cheek humors. Until next time, TechStop (JW)

February 29, 2012  3:01 PM

HP Network Cert Fasttrack

Posted by: Joshua Wood
certification, Cisco, HP, MASE

Hi all, so you have your Cisco CCNA or CCNP or possibly even CCIE and you want to work with one of the other network vendors in order to say … expand your horizons or just to know what is out there. But you don’t want all of your learning and studying of the dark side to be in vain. No you want...

February 29, 2012  2:54 PM

Lync is Evolving

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, Lync, voip

Hi all, Microsoft has Lync and Cisco has their IP Communicator. At present Gartner is putting the two products very close to each other. Where this gets interesting is with newer versions of Lync. The product seems to be maturing quite well. The key to Lyncs success though, may not have to with its...

January 27, 2012  11:41 PM

Cisco Live

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, Cisco Live

Hi all, Cisco Live is upon us again. Last year Cisco opened up the virtual option for Cisco Live to the world. It was a great event with tons of useful information. This year they seem to be doing the same thing and letting everyone into the event for free. Register to get in on the...

January 27, 2012  11:29 PM

LLDP on Cisco Devices

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, HP, LLDP, Mitel, VLAN

Hi all, Ciscos CDP has been around … well forever it seems like. CDP is an incredibly useful protocol that tells you at a layer 2 level what switches or routers or such are connected which other devices. This simple protocol allows you to map out a network in a short period of time. Another...

January 27, 2012  11:20 PM

Cisco ScanSafe

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, Content Filtering, ScanSafe

Hi all, if you are looking for a content management product or a product to filter out the SPAM for email then look no further. Cisco acquired ScanSafe a while ago and has started to integrate it into their product portfolio. The ScanSafe product line is getting great reviews, even from Gartner...

December 27, 2011  4:24 PM

Cisco ISR G2 VPN Accelerator

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, ISR G1, ISR G2, VPN

Hi all, ever since the ISR G2 routers have been announced the question has been out there about when Cisco will release a VPN accelerator card for the G2 line. Recently Cisco has released the long awaited card. A lot of the time you want to deploy a router at your branch offices for use with a...

December 27, 2011  3:55 PM

MS Lync vs Cisco UC – Info Roundup

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, Lynch, MS, presence, redunancy, UC

Hi all, several people that I know in the IT industry have been interested in the battle for the unified communications filed. Particularly the battle between Cisco’s UC product and

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