February 26, 2013  4:47 PM

Apple Easier to Deal With

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, traditionally Apple has been difficult to deal with. At least that is the implication by the headline below. The French telecom is happier with the less arrogant Apple. I am not sure what this means for consumers...

February 26, 2013  2:48 PM

Top Market for Apps

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Apple, BlackBerry, Google, iphone

Hi all, it is obvious that China has awoken from his slumber and is now a capitalist market to be worked with. The new found wealth of the population combined with the more open nature of the government has allowed many previously closed trade routes to open for business. One of those businesses is...

February 25, 2013  2:45 PM

Tablets Still Gaining Ground

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Apple, Samsung

Hi all, the tablet revolution is on the rise. The iPad mini, not surprisingly, is gaining the most ground in the space. As the newcomer to the 7" market Apples first product is fairing well. Android tablet's are taking over more and more spots on the lists that are generated these days. The...

February 24, 2013  2:43 PM

FixYa – Apple’s Phones 3 Times More Reliable Than Runner Up

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Apple, Samsung

Hi all, when you buy a SmartPhone you want to tell yourself that it will work without issue for the next 10 years. You know that isn't reasonable but you do think it is reasonable for it to last at least the next 2 years. These devices are small and are meant to be handled in a way that will almost...

January 29, 2013  9:31 PM

Apple – Slips in Trusted

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, Apple has usually ranked high in the list of companies that the general public feel that they can trust. With their product becoming more mainstream the company has worked to keep the image of trust positive. The company has slipped off of the top 20 list of trusted companies in 2012. It...

January 29, 2013  9:24 PM

Apple – 128 GB iPad

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Android, Apple, Microsoft

Hi all, the newest iPad from Apple hasn't been on the market that long and just days before the release of the Surface Pro Apple has released an iPad with 128 GB of storage. That is more than a coincidence considering that most would see the Surface as a direct competitor to the iPad. While the...

December 25, 2012  4:03 PM

Smartphone Release Cycle

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Android, Apple

Hi all, the Christmas season is winding down and tablets have been a huge part of the electronics market this year. Rumour has it that Apple has sold over 6 million iPad minis and that Android phone from Samsung are moving into market space at record breaking rates. Now everyone is starting to look...

December 20, 2012  10:55 PM

Apples Passport

Posted by: Joshua Wood
App, Apple

Hi all, Apples Passport app has been on the market for a while now and while there haven't been a lot of apps made of it the ones that are made have been used pretty heavily. According to the link below "American Airlines’ Passbook-compatible app has served 1.5 million customers, and 20,000...

November 30, 2012  4:05 PM

iTunes 11

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, iTunes 11 is released and ready for download and consumption by the general masses. The reworked app that is available for Windows and Mac is faster and presumably more stable. The biggest difference though is the interface. It is cleaner with much less clutter than the previous version....

November 30, 2012  12:03 AM

Apples Future Marketshare

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Apple, Apple Configurator

Hi all, the Apple machine is just getting started by most accounts. While there are some that would count them out already there are others that looking more closely at the competition and their piece of the tablet and smartphone market. Take for instance the article linked to below by Forbes where...

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