January 29, 2013  9:24 PM

Apple – 128 GB iPad

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Android, Apple, Microsoft

Hi all, the newest iPad from Apple hasn't been on the market that long and just days before the release of the Surface Pro Apple has released an iPad with 128 GB of storage. That is more than a coincidence considering that most would see the Surface as a direct competitor to the iPad. While the...

December 25, 2012  4:03 PM

Smartphone Release Cycle

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Android, Apple

Hi all, the Christmas season is winding down and tablets have been a huge part of the electronics market this year. Rumour has it that Apple has sold over 6 million iPad minis and that Android phone from Samsung are moving into market space at record breaking rates. Now everyone is starting to look...

November 30, 2011  1:39 AM

BES for Other Phones

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Android, BES, BlackBerry, iphone

Hi all, the BlackBerry used to be known for its enterprise features. Now wouldn’t it be great if that funcationality was provided by RIM but for other phones? Why would they do such a thing? Well, (and I know you can see where this is going) RIM is doing just that. The reference article below...

November 30, 2011  1:34 AM

Android is King of the Hill

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Android, Apple, Google, IOS, smartphone

Hi all, when it comes to the OS that most smart phones use I would not have seen the Android and the gigantic lead that it has gained in the last year over its competitors. The small and free OS for smartphones has, as of last count, taken over 50% of the smartphone market. I don’t and haven’t...

June 28, 2011  11:55 PM

BlackBerry in Trouble

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Android, BlackBerry, Google, Microsoft

Hi all, the iPhone is doing well; the Android OS is making inroads but the BlackBerry brand is taking a beating. It is unlikely that such a giant in the market will disappear but they need to get a better OS. They have some of the best hardware in the business but their OS is seriously lacking....


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