October, 2012


October 29, 2012  11:35 PM

Apple and Samsung Dominate Market

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, in a very unsurprising turn of events it is revealed that Apple and Samsung control the vast majority of the smartphone market. The majority of their growth comes at the demise of competing hardware vendors such as RIM and Nokia. The dominance of the these two mammoth companies is expected...

October 29, 2012  11:24 PM

Windows 8 – Higher Demand and v7

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Microsoft, Windows 8

Hi all, Windows 8 is on sale but how is it doing? According to Mr. Ballmer "We're seeing preliminary demand well above where we were with Windows 7, which is gratifying”. I bet that is gratifying considering the mixed reviews that the new OS is getting. According to some sources there are over...

October 29, 2012  11:19 PM

Amazon – Strikes at iPad mini

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Amazon, Apple, ipad

Hi all, if competition for the tablet space wasn’t already heated Amazon started to take swings today at the tablet leader on their homepage. Their homepage sported a matrix comparison of the two products with an excerpt from a review by Gizmodo. The quote from Gizmodo ended with “… cramming...

October 26, 2012  12:31 AM

Windows 8 – Thoughts?

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Windows 8

Hi all, Windows 8 is out on the market now. The reviews are mixed. Some love it and some hate it. While the Windows 8 is available to all there isn't a consensus if the update for Windows 8 software will make a bit hit in a big way or a bad way. Have you used Windows 8? What are your thoughts on...

October 26, 2012  12:23 AM

Apple Laptop Sales Number Grow Marginally

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, this week Windows 8 has launched and a raft of new apple features and products have launched. Despite the products and features and the way that Apple has increased efforts to dominate the market its laptop sales only increased by about 1% in year over year sales. That is suprising to...

October 22, 2012  2:44 PM

Reasons You Shouldn’t Upgrade to Windows 8

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Microsoft, Windows 8

Hi all, Windows 8 is here and products are about to start shipping with the new OS from Windows in large quantities. But why do you care? In the history of Microsoft their product releases tend to follow the Star Trek formula where every other release is terrible. If we walk this through we have...

October 22, 2012  2:34 PM

Apples Tuesday Event

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Apple, Microsoft

Hi all, the Apples announcement has been looming for weeks now. Apple is almost definitely going to be releasing their iPad mini which is going to be a spectacular product for the holidays but will won’t be void of competition like in previous incarnations of the iPad line. Pretty much every...

October 15, 2012  6:43 AM

5 Tech Quotes… About Users

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, How about a few quotes about user experiences? 1. A computer will do what you tell it to do, but that may be much different from what you had in mind. - Joseph Weizenbaum 2. The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for...


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