July, 2011


July 27, 2011  11:34 PM

IPv6 Example 1 – Private IPs

Posted by: Joshua Wood
IPv6, Private IPv6

IPv6 Example 1 – Private IPs Hi all, so in the last post I discussed a need for some barebones examples. Mostly in the context of IPv6 day and the interest that will have generated. In this blog post I want to go through a really basic example of a private IPv6 address and how to use it on a...

July 27, 2011  11:05 PM

IPv6 Guide of Guides

Posted by: Joshua Wood
6DISS, 6Net, IPv6

Hi all, well the IPv6 day came and went and that left many thinking about why they don’t run IPv6 and when they will need to convert. The religious mantra of IPv6 is just starting since most requests for IPv4 IPs are just now running into trouble. With all of the hype surrounding IPv6 there...

July 25, 2011  11:20 PM

BlackBerry Playbook NIST Approval

Posted by: Joshua Wood
BlackBerry, NIST, PlayBook, RIM

Hi all, so the RIM who makes the Playbook and venerable BlackBerry is looking rough around the edges. They have laid off 2000 employees (link here) and their PlayBook...

July 20, 2011  11:22 PM

VMWare VCP 5

Posted by: Joshua Wood
VCP, VCP 4, VCP 5, VMware, vSphere

Hi all, VMware has released the newest version of their virtualization product. There are some shiny new features in this release that I will be discussing in the future but for now let’s discuss their new certification track. Version 5 of the VCP certification experience with VMware is a bit...

July 16, 2011  11:19 PM

HP Responds to Cisco 2T Supervisor Announcement

Posted by: Joshua Wood
2T, Cisco, HP, Supervisor

Hi all, recently I discussed the announcement that Cisco made about their new Supervisor cards for the 6500 platform. During the press release that Cisco made they made a comparison to what they believe to be the equivalent HP solution. The comparison was between the $38,000.00 Sup2T and they said...

July 15, 2011  11:18 PM

New Cisco 6500 Supervisor

Posted by: Joshua Wood
2T, 6500, Cisco, Supervisor

Hi all, now that Cisco Live is free I was able to watch the press conference release of the Cisco 6500 chassis supervisor. The recurring theme of the release, apart from the supervisor itself, was that Cisco sees the 6500 chassis as a product that they will continue to support for years to come....

July 8, 2011  1:55 PM

New Cisco SMB Phone System

Posted by: Joshua Wood
3000, Cisco, CMBE, pricing

Hi all, as of late Cisco has been coming up some really amazing products that would work well for the SMB. However, not all of these products are for sale yet such as the 3560-c switches. While that is currently true of the phone system in a box that Cisco has recently put up on their website it...

July 5, 2011  11:36 PM

Nortel Patents for Everyone

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Google, Nortel, patents

Hi all, Nortel’s patents are being sold off and everyone is getting in on the action. Google is buying 900 million dollars for about 6,000 patents. BlackBerry, Apple and several others are getting in on the ability to buy patents as well. Most of these patents are going to be fuelling change in...


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