June, 2011


June 29, 2011  11:57 PM

BroadBand Internet Getting a Bump

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Broadband, NIST

Hi all, Internet in the great white north has been slowly coming to maturity. There is a lot more space up here than normal so it makes sense. That said, the rate at which some things have been rolling out is or at least was getting ridiculous. That is until the ISPs decided to up their game. The...

June 28, 2011  11:55 PM

BlackBerry in Trouble

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Android, BlackBerry, Google, Microsoft

Hi all, the iPhone is doing well; the Android OS is making inroads but the BlackBerry brand is taking a beating. It is unlikely that such a giant in the market will disappear but they need to get a better OS. They have some of the best hardware in the business but their OS is seriously lacking....

June 26, 2011  11:24 PM

LulzSec is Good for Security

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, I am sure that we all have heard about the rampant hacker group making their rounds of the low hanging fruit (and some not so low). A good chunk of their hacking attempts, which you can find here, seem to be...

June 24, 2011  11:06 PM

FireFox 5 Goes Live

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, like most in the world who use FireFox you should have been presented with the option to upgrade to FireFox 5. Like most in the world of IT you were likely wondering what the heck is different between FireFox 4 and FireFox 5 and you would be right to do so. You can find a list of the...

June 7, 2011  7:13 PM

Hyper-V failover Clustering with StarWind

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Live Webinar, Wednesday, June 8 During this session, Max Craft, StarWind's Senior Solutions Engineer will demonstrate how the highly available shared storage solution from StarWind allows users to eliminate downtime and ensure business continuity providing fault tolerant storage for Hyper-V...

June 6, 2011  11:59 PM

HP is Catching Up to Cisco

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Cisco, HP, Procurve, router

Hi all, well HP bought 3Com. That was good move for HP. In fact, it was a great move for a company that wants to compete with Cisco on their own turf. Has HP integrated the 3Com product line into their own well enough? Gartner thinks so. Based on the link below Gartner gave HP a pretty sweet bump...

June 4, 2011  11:59 PM

Will RAM and the HDD Merge

Posted by: Joshua Wood

Hi all, the solid state disk has been amazing for performance. Despite some initial issues of cost and longevity issues it has been a pretty quick road to the top. It only makes sense given that the underlying technology isn’t new and the high demand for it. But as the bus to the HDD evolves with...

June 2, 2011  11:59 PM

VMware Buys SocialCast

Posted by: Joshua Wood
SocialCast, VMweare

Hi all, I don’t know if you have heard of SocialCast. It seems that in the network or IT admin worlds there aren’t many that have heard of SocialCast and even fewer that use it. But VMware has heard of it and uses it a lot apparently. So much so that they decided that they were a good...


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