April, 2011


April 29, 2011  4:30 PM

Apple Doesn’t Track iPhone via GPS … mostly

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Apple, gps, ipad, iphone

Hi all, Apple has released several statements saying that they don’t use the GPS data that they collect about customers but that they collect GPS data about customers BUT that the data that they collect they do use, just not for tracking although GPS data can only be used for tracking …...

April 29, 2011  2:28 PM

PlayStation Network Info for Sale

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Credit Card, Hack, PlayStation, PSN

Hi all, The Interwebs have been buzzing about the PlayStation Network (PSN) having been hacked. And it seems not just hacked for the purpose of disabling a few services or causing some random dismay with outages; the hackers actually gleaned most of the credit card data on Sony’s PSN and are...

April 27, 2011  8:00 PM

Price Increase for Microsoft Certs

Posted by: Joshua Wood
certification, Microsoft, Windows

Hi all, Microsoft has increased the price of their certs in order to “reflect the significant value that our certifications provide to our customers”. While I believe that Microsoft certification has value I don’t know if I believe that they are increasing the price because of the value to...

April 27, 2011  2:05 AM

Amazon’s Cloud Outage

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Amazon, cloud, EC2

Hi all, so Amazon had an outage in their EC2 cloud. The sites and services affected included Quora and Reddit and many many other sites and services. At this point in time people feel like IT shouldn't have outages. Business managers look at their IT departments like they are power or water...

April 19, 2011  6:00 PM

Adobe Products Goes Subscription Based

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Adobe, after effects, cloud, photoshop, subscription

Hello all, In a world where the “cloud” is all the rage and subscriptions mean an almost unlimited pipeline of cash for companies (I am looking at your NetFlix) there is still a need to download and install software. But how do you adapt something like Adobe After Effects to a cloud based...

April 5, 2011  1:00 AM

New Cisco SMB Switches

Posted by: Joshua Wood
3560-c, Cisco, SMB, Switch

Hello all, Cisco comes out with products almost continually it seems. They are big company with an even bigger base of users and companies to service. The landscape of the networking field doesn’t change like some of the other facets of IT does but it does move along a good pace. Cisco recently,...

April 3, 2011  1:00 AM

Exchange Server Deplyment Help

Posted by: Joshua Wood
Exchange, Microsoft

Hello all, let's say you have an Exchange environment and you want to migrate it to Exchange 2010. You know what you should do but there is that nagging feeling like you are forgetting something. Or maybe you just want someone to double check the steps you have laid out. This tool is easy to use...

April 1, 2011  1:00 AM

Hosted Exchange for Everyone … and BES too

Posted by: Joshua Wood
BES, Exchange

Hello all, so it looks like you can now get Hosted Exchange services directly from Microsoft. With your subscription you get a huge amount of space for an email box which looks like it maxes out at 25 GB. There are of course some caveats like needing to sign up a minimum of 5 seats. Even with some...


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