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Aug 7 2008   12:12AM GMT

Why is IBM still selling HATS and not pushing PHP?

David Vasta David Vasta Profile: David Vasta

So full disclosure, I am an SME for COMMON and I speak and present about Linux on IBM i. I have pretty strong ties to the PHP @ IBM group in that the other two SMEs are both IBMers who preach the word for PHP, and other open source inititives at IBM. I have also worked for SEAGULL Software which sells what used to be called JWalk, which is a GUI modernization tool for the IBM i.

I was a Sales Engineer and don’t think I ever lost a deal to HATS when I was selling software…..any whoooooo!

Evidently HATS is still being pushed by IBM and the Four Hundred weekly email just reinforces that IBM is still lost. They should be pushing PHP on HTTP on the IBM i, yet they are still pushing a product that was pathetic 10 years ago, and can’t be much better now. I would love to see it and pick it apart compared to a PHP based web application.

Let the comments begin.

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  • WoodEngineer
    A few months ago an IBM'er told me that PHP was brought to the IBM i through "a comedy of errors." This is a great opportunity for IBM to move the i more into the main stream. Why not celebrate this feature? Of course, the IBM'er was pushing EGL. Isn't EGL yesterday's SmallTalk with a new haircut?
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  • David Vasta
    I had not heard that story, but would love to. I talked a while @ COMMON this past year with the PHP/ZEND folfs and PHP on i seems pretty smart. IBM likes to fight itself internally for some reason. There are loads of companies that do this but IBM seems to do it well. PHP on i just is smart when you harness the HTTP side of it. Now that we can take PHP can call back to the data that is in the file system and push it out over HTTP vs. 5250 I think there is a win win win for all of us. ZEND 5250 to PHP is pretty smart too. I will have to do my homework on EGL as I don't know much about it?
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  • PhpIsAPileOfDogHair
    Will you php whiners ever grow up? The language has been around since '93 and it's still crap. Most php 'developers' have no idea what an enterprise application is. They think building a form on a page that can send an email qualifies them as someone who should determine the direction of the industry. Scripting languages are for lazy dweebs.
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  • David Vasta
    I don't think anyone is whining? I would agree PHP is a bit odd at times, but you can build decent web apps with it. I am not saying its the end all be all of web tools, but it puts the IBM i in the main stream with other OSes. It's what some would call a "Step in the right direction" no? While it may not be your choice, it may be others. So lets be civil and think about everyone needs. While duct tape may fix on persons problems, other may need something else, and while PHP may not be the best, it's a nice way to start or move to WSE? I would also rather you be more honest with your profile.
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  • Phpfanboy
    Full Disclosure: unlike PhpIsAPileOfDogHair, I don't work for IBM. IBM will push HATS because HATS needs Java (Websphere) and you need a nice powerful piece of hardware for that, and that means there's a lot of money at stake. PHP does not require this, and whilst it means that customers aren't looking as seriously at moving off the i altogether, it does mean that IBM can't always upgrade the $$ hardware. Regarding our dog hair friend's comments. Firstly the abundance of serious frameworks in PHP, especially those like Zend's which has "non-Enterprise" contributors like Adobe, IBM and GE has meant a lot of interest from large companies which only increases the amount of serious talent available. Secondly, the issue is about learning the language, especially for those coming from RPG backgrounds. The fact that script kiddies can write PHP 4 means it is easy to learn. It will be for you too and there's tons of resources online. Thirdly, Enterprise Applications are really not that scary and complicated. Your comment was a poor attempt at marketing.
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