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June 10, 2008  5:44 PM

iPhone & Lotus Notes – What do we do now

Posted by: David Vasta
Apple, Exchange, IBM News, iPhone, Lotus, Lotus 8, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes

Yesterday Apple released a new version of the iPhone and somewhere in the mix old Steve Jobs, who looks sick, left out talking about IBM and Lotus iNotes for the iPhone. There is a good bit of chatter on

May 30, 2008  3:04 PM

Lotus 8.5 Beta is out for everyone to test and tinker

Posted by: David Vasta
Lotus, Lotus 8, Lotus Domino, Lotus News, Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Symphony, Redhat Linux, Ubuntu Linux

I am excited about the new 8.5 client and other Lotus stuff that is out today. While 8.0.1 is nice, it still has some issues. The Linux and Mac Lotus Notes Clients are out as well so this should be one of those "steps in the right direction" things.

May 2, 2008  8:24 PM

Lotus State of the Union – Why not to dump Lotus – Ed Brill

Posted by: David Vasta
Domino Designer, Domino on System i, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes

Ed Brill is the mouth piece for Lotus and at the latest Admin2008 had a session that explains what to do if some lose cannon in your company wants to move away from Lotus instead of using it to it's full potential.

April 15, 2008  4:25 PM

Redhat offers information on running Lotus on Linux via a new website

Posted by: David Vasta
Linux, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, Redhat Linux

Link to "Lotus on Linux is a secure email, scheduling, calendaring, and messaging platform. It's a simple, easy and affordable way for small and mid-sized business to enjoy enterprise performance and scalability...

January 28, 2008  7:49 PM

New Lotus 8 Book – It’s a good start

Posted by: David Vasta
AS/400, Lotus, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, Lotusphere

I am just following up from my post/question about where all the Lotus 8 books are. Packt Press made a book about upgrading to 7 and they seem to have a new book covering how to upgrade to 8...

January 26, 2008  7:16 PM

Ubuntu ready for prime time?

Posted by: David Vasta
AS/400, Client Access, Linux, Lotus, Lotus Notes, Ubuntu Linux

Us Ubuntu fans have all been waiting for the day when IBM says UBUNTU is ready for prime time. I have been asking 2 things from IBM over the past 3 or 4 years. Make a supported Client Access for Linux (RPM & .DEB) and Make a Lotus Notes Client for Linux (RPM & .DEB). I am not aksing for...

January 24, 2008  12:28 AM

Where are all the Lotus 8 Books

Posted by: David Vasta
AS/400, Lotus, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes

I love to read and really love to read a good tech manual. I want to ask the book companies who contenue to print out 30 books on Linux and hundreds of books on Microsoft products, where are the books on Lotus? Why are the book companies ignoring a huge market like the Lotus product. From the Lotus...

January 21, 2008  12:30 AM

Lotus 8.5 Beta out for Mac

Posted by: David Vasta
Lotus, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, Lotusphere

Lotus has been "dragging their collective feet" with the release of the Mac edition of Lotus Notes. I am a Mac user at home and have has to support Mail on Macs in the past. Both large mail camps do a horrible job but Lotus seems to miss the boat when they can win it over an dover again by putting...

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