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March 31, 2009  6:57 PM

Want to learn Lotus Notes 8 for FREE?

Posted by: David Vasta
Free Training, Lotus 8, Lotus Notes 8

I am going to try my hand at teaching on I want to give back and spread the word about Lotus Notes 8. I encourage you to show up and learn more about Lotus Notes 8 Link:: Lotus Notes 8...

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June 10, 2008  5:44 PM

iPhone & Lotus Notes – What do we do now

Posted by: David Vasta
Apple, Exchange, IBM News, iPhone, Lotus, Lotus 8, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes

Yesterday Apple released a new version of the iPhone and somewhere in the mix old Steve Jobs, who looks sick, left out talking about IBM and Lotus iNotes for the iPhone. There is a good bit of chatter on

May 30, 2008  3:04 PM

Lotus 8.5 Beta is out for everyone to test and tinker

Posted by: David Vasta
Lotus, Lotus 8, Lotus Domino, Lotus News, Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Symphony, Redhat Linux, Ubuntu Linux

I am excited about the new 8.5 client and other Lotus stuff that is out today. While 8.0.1 is nice, it still has some issues. The Linux and Mac Lotus Notes Clients are out as well so this should be one of those "steps in the right direction" things.

March 10, 2008  5:30 PM

Two things from IBM today. UC² and Lotus Symphony

Posted by: David Vasta
IBM News, Lotus, Lotus 8, Lotus News, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Symphony, Open source

While I don't see anyone covering this, I figured I would so that IBM gets some fair play on the old blogs. IBM has launched a pretty funny little movie about UC² that is about Unified...

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February 20, 2008  6:59 AM

Lotus Notes 8.0.1 is uploaded to Passport Advantage – ME FIRST

Posted by: David Vasta
Lotus 8, Lotus News

I just checked Passport Advantage and 8.0.1 is there and ready for the download. I think this is super! It's kind of there but not really so I think it should be up there soon. Maybe they are uploading them in the back groud and we Lotus Nuts just can't get at them yet? Either way there are going...

February 20, 2008  2:50 AM

Lotus Notes and Domino 8.0.1 coming 20th of Feb

Posted by: David Vasta
AS/400, Domino on System i, Lotus 8, Lotus News, System i

According to Ed Brill, Lotus 8.0.1 in English is coming tomorrow. I am looking forward to it and so should all of you. Other languages to follow.


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