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April 6, 2009  1:46 AM

IBM takes back SUN offer – BAD IDEA SUN!

Posted by: David Vasta

I think everyone at SUN is happy for now. I am not sure how good this is for them long term. I don't think SUN has what it takes to keep selling nothing. I don't know what SUN has to offer the IT world. Solaris is free, OpenSolaris is even more FREE and the hardware they are putting out is lack...

March 27, 2009  12:33 AM

Where is the SUN buyout?

Posted by: David Vasta

I really thought SUN was going to get purchased by IBM and then come to find out IBM may be laying off 5000 employees? Come on IBM, you know you didn't have to do that? Seems like the past 20 years of IT have been very up and down. I wish it would level out for just a bit.

March 18, 2009  7:37 PM

Is IBM about to buy SUN for $7 billion?

Posted by: David Vasta
Buy Out, IBM, Solaris, SUN

LINK :: NYT - IBM said to be in talks to buy Sun for $7 Billion I think this is long over due. Sun has been twisting in the wind for way to long with way to many decent products (Solaris, StarOffice, SSO, EIM, Java,...

November 15, 2008  4:54 AM

This can’t be good – SUN to lay off 6000 employees

Posted by: David Vasta
Bad Economy, Just Blogging, SUN

It's not going to be easy to get throught this hard economic time. Sadly SUN was not in a position I think to survive it anyway. They have been on the bubble for years. I wish all the empoyees who got thier walking papers good luck, there are jobs out there you just have to be creative.

November 5, 2008  8:40 PM

Running a Users Group – Jim Grisanzio

Posted by: David Vasta
Japan, Just Blogging, Offtopic, Other Blogs, SUN, User Groups

Jim writes an blog post that I found is not just for OpenSolaris User Groups, but could be used for all User Groups. Thanks Jim for the great post and sharing you thoughts on the matter.

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September 30, 2008  2:48 AM

System i Network – Server consolidation article – Recommended reading

Posted by: David Vasta
DataCenter, David on System i, i, i for business, i on Power, IBM i, IBM News, Linux in System i, Microsoft Windows, New Technology

I try to stay up to speed on all things IBM i, even if they confuse me from time to time. Server consolidation has never confused me and it should be on your list of things to do, or at least think about in the next 12 months. IBM is pushing it hard and it just makes sense. I am going to link you...

August 1, 2008  4:18 AM

OpenSolaris keeps making baby step and Jim Grisanzio is documenting every one

Posted by: David Vasta
Open source, OpenSolaris, SUN

I am a fan of Open Projects and OpenSolaris all be a SUN product is still something to watch, and I do ofter from Jim Grisanzio's Blog. I read Jim's blog for two reasons, one he is interesting and is honest about the progress of the...

June 22, 2008  2:48 AM

New Site is coming

Posted by: David Vasta
AIX on Power, Apple, David on System i, Domino on System i, FreeBSD, i, i for business, i on Power, IBM i, Linux, Linux in System i, Linux on POWER, Lotus, Lotus News, OpenSolaris, POWER Systems, SUN, System i, Ubuntu Linux

I am working on a new site, so between work, this site, writting for Search400 (which I hope they change the name of soon) and family, I have also found little time to start building a new site that will in the end be a hub for all things POWER based. I have to bring the community together under...

May 23, 2008  12:37 AM

Feeding IT – you should never let it starve

Posted by: David Vasta
DataCenter, Offtopic

Feeding IT  I was talking to someone just the other day who works for a large company with a nice set of offerings for sale and a hearty market, short for they have money to spend, but the "C" level people in the company still see IT as a bottomless pit of money. Something they...

May 23, 2008  12:36 AM

Planning for the perfect data center – It’s not possible

Posted by: David Vasta
DataCenter, Offtopic

The Data Center I have been in big IT for over 18 years. I have seen data centers grow from back rooms and basements to multi-million dollar facilities with fences, security, and other features. With all this planning there is still something that can go wrong and lately I have...

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