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January 26, 2008  7:16 PM

Ubuntu ready for prime time?

Posted by: David Vasta
AS/400, Client Access, Linux, Lotus, Lotus Notes, Ubuntu Linux

Us Ubuntu fans have all been waiting for the day when IBM says UBUNTU is ready for prime time. I have been asking 2 things from IBM over the past 3 or 4 years. Make a supported Client Access for Linux (RPM & .DEB) and Make a Lotus Notes Client for Linux (RPM & .DEB). I am not aksing for...

January 22, 2008  3:12 AM

Do you want more OS/2?

Posted by: David Vasta
Client Access, Open source, OS/2

My first moments with OS/2 came in 1992 when I started to work with IBM PS/2 that came with Windows 3.1 or OS/2 v2. Of course being the rebel I picked OS/2. I also ran PC Support for OS/2 conecting to my AS/400 at the time. A very large E95. I was then later exposed to more OS/2 fun when I worked...


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