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November 5, 2008  8:40 PM

Running a Users Group – Jim Grisanzio

Posted by: David Vasta
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Jim writes an blog post that I found is not just for OpenSolaris User Groups, but could be used for all User Groups. Thanks Jim for the great post and sharing you thoughts on the matter.

LINK :: Jim Grisanzio -  Running Successful OpenSolaris User Groups

I tried at one time to get the Colorado Lotus Users Group back up and running and kind of hit a brick wall after the first year. In Charlotte by accident I kind of started a group of users we call, Lunch Time Geeks or LTG, and we just meet for lunch. No agenda, no meeting, just hanging out and eating. Maybe I can grow it from there? Maybe not?

November 5, 2008  12:19 AM

I hope you all VOTED!

Posted by: David Vasta

If you are reading this and it’s still Tuesday 5 NOV 2009, you need to stop reading and go VOTE please. It’s fun and you get to be apart of a US tradition.

November 5, 2008  12:17 AM

IBM Get your i act together please

Posted by: David Vasta
David on IBM i, i on Power, IBM Drive-Thru, IBM News

I was riding home from work in my car and on the radio came an IBM i ad, or maybe I should say a System i ad. It was one of the IBM Drive-Thru commercials that I truly do like, but in the end they were still selling the System i Express? IBM if you plan of anyone taking you seriously in the IBM i space and you want to have the right to complain that some people still use the term AS/40, then you have to be organized enought to all be on the same marketing page and not contenue to call a system you renamed over 9 months ago what you used to call it. I closed my eyes and was sad for a second becasue I knew IBM has still no clue how to market anything they own.

October 28, 2008  3:38 AM

RedPapers – Going Green with IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager

Posted by: David Vasta
i on Power, IBM POWER Blades, IBM Redpapers

Energy efficiency of data centers is a critical priority for IT managers. As energy and power costs become a significant portion of IT costs, understanding and investing in energy management has never been more important. IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager, an extension of IBM Systems Director, helps you to monitor and manage the power usage of systems. Originally designed to support IBM BladeCenter and System x, Active Energy Manager now supports the power management of additional IBM systems, including POWER6 processor-based systems, as well as storage devices through the intelligent Power Distribution Unit (PDU+).

LINK :: RedPapers – Going Green with IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager

October 28, 2008  3:29 AM

Redbook – Hardware Management Console V7 Handbook

Posted by: David Vasta
IBM Redbooks, System i, System i Redbooks

The IBM Hardware Management Console provides systems administrators a tool for planning, deploying, and managing IBM System p and IBM System i servers. This IBM Redbooks publication is designed for system administrators to use as a desk-side reference when managing partition-capable System i and System p servers using the HMC.

LINK ::  Redbook – Hardware Management Console V7 Handbook

October 28, 2008  3:27 AM

Deploying Lotus 8 Yet – IBM has a Redbook that can help

Posted by: David Vasta
IBM Redbooks

IBM has offered a Redbook that can help your deployment of Lotus 8.

LINK :: Redbook -  IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8 Deployment Guide

October 28, 2008  3:16 AM

The Little Extras in IBM Director – System i Network – Greg Hintermeister

Posted by: David Vasta
David on System i, i, IBM Director, IBM i, System i

Greg Hintermeister over at the System i Network points out all the littel extra fun stuff in what s going to be a great product for managing your POWER platform. IBM Director Site.

LINK  :: The Little Extras in IBM Director – System i Network – Greg Hintermeister

October 27, 2008  2:41 PM

Blackberry BOLD the new iPhone Killer?

Posted by: David Vasta
Blackberry, iPhone

Here is a link to an in depth article about the Blackberry BOLD and how is fairs against the iPhone.

Link :: BlackBerry Bold: the DEFINITIVE hands-on review

This really all depends on “What you do” but the iPhone is a hard candle to hold a light to. Blackberry is working hard to step up  and the next phone, the STORM, is going to be thr true test.

October 27, 2008  2:18 PM

Has Windows Vista been the WindowsME of this centry

Posted by: David Vasta
David on Windows, Desktop, Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista

With Windows 7 right around the corner and in my 27K PC company with no plans to move to VISTA. I have tried to use Vista and I have not been very happy with it to date. It’s not the best OS out there right now. Sadly XP is still a better choice for a desktop. Vista tries to WOW you with pretty icons and little in the area of work flow.

Full disclosure, I am a Windows user at work and a MacOSX and Linux user at home. I prefer not to use Windows, but do use it the majority of my day in the office. This is not a choice in the office; I am required to use Windows.

I for one and looking forward to Windows 7 and would love to see a new OS from Microsoft.

LINK :: Windows 7 Beta almost public

So what does this have to do with the IBM i? Well nothing other than IBM decided a while ago they were going to support Windows as the desktop of choice to work from. So all the tools, plug-ins and integration is for Windows. They have tried to look at Linux, but have completely failed with anything Mac based. I hope the struggles of Windows will help IBM look around and realize that this is clearly not a Windows world and other desktops are out there and that Microsoft does not always deploy a usable product. Plus OpenOffice just dropped 3.0 and it’s decent and ready for Linux and Mac from day one.


October 27, 2008  3:02 AM

My other blog – I have turned it off –

Posted by: David Vasta

If you have come here looking for me and my current situation then I am here to tell you to fear not. I am still around. I have turned off my other blog,, and am going to focus my attention on this blog and working on another project I have brewing called Addict Army. In the next few days and weeks I am going to see if I can pull my hits from my old site to this site and keep up the content. Thanks for stopping by.  – David Vasta

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