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September 30, 2008  2:55 AM

NGS uses Randal Munson to sell Query Software via YouTube

Posted by: David Vasta
DB2 Query, IBM i, IBM News

I love it, finally some crazy marketing. I love Randall and his is just plain funny. Go visit the site and see what NGS is up to. I still have no idea what they really do but I am sure someone will contact me after this post…..

LINK :: NGS Software Video

September 30, 2008  2:48 AM

System i Network – Server consolidation article – Recommended reading

Posted by: David Vasta
DataCenter, David on System i, i, i for business, i on Power, IBM i, IBM News, Linux in System i, Microsoft Windows, New Technology

I try to stay up to speed on all things IBM i, even if they confuse me from time to time. Server consolidation has never confused me and it should be on your list of things to do, or at least think about in the next 12 months. IBM is pushing it hard and it just makes sense. I am going to link you to a really well done article over at System i Network and hope you enjoy it.

LINK:: System i Network ::  Server Consolidation: It’s Not Just for Data Centers Anymore

September 30, 2008  2:44 AM

I’m Back y’all. Did you miss me?

Posted by: David Vasta
Just Blogging

So I am back in Charlotte, home. For at least a few days. There is no GAS anywhere to be found and seems like none for a few weeks. Feels like the end of the world around here?


September 26, 2008  12:30 AM

I am going to be out for a bit – See y’all later

Posted by: David Vasta

I have a bit of a family issue and this should explain it :: LINK

September 22, 2008  5:57 PM

ANDROID :: T-Mobile comes out with something Tuesday

Posted by: David Vasta
ANDROID, ANDROID OS, David on Apple,, Mobile

I have not nor will I own an iPhone, with that said, I have been a long time Apple supporter and have in my house right now 2 Power Macs, 2 Mac Book Pros, 1 iBook, and 1 MacSE. I am no stranger to Mac or Apple. It’s not that I don’t think the iPhone is neat or super, it does not fit a need for me and that’s about it, I still want one but I don’t need one. I have no purpose for an iPhone and I would submit that over 50% of the people who have them don’t have a need for them either, it’s more of a want or a must be seen with, kind of thing.

Apple for more than 10 years has completely missed the Corporate IT boat and they have again missed it. I just don’t think they are thinking about it properly. Google on the other hand is going after small and large IT with reckless abandon and I think it’s grand. Google about a year ago released ANDROID, and phone based Open OS, and an SDK that exceed anything Apple was doing with the iPhone and xCode’s SDK. They both have strong points, but I think ANDROID is a bit more platform independent than iPhones seeing as how it runs on anything that will support Eclipse.

Well to keep this short, TMOBILE is going to release something tommarow using the ANDROID platform, and I can’t wait. They might not have a Blackberry shim for it yet but I am sure there will be a day real soon that the ANDROID platform is BES compliant.


September 22, 2008  11:31 AM

Obama changes stance on Technology

Posted by: David Vasta
Offtopic, Technology in Politics

Seems someone has more free time than most and has figured out that Obama, since taking on Biden, has changed his stance on technology. While you will never hear me complain that someone has changed their opinion about a certain thing, seeing as how we are not robots I do find some of the changes a bit disheartening. It could just be that Biden has forced him to make these changes seeing as how he has been against or not to pro-technology for the past 30 years.

Link :: Comparison

September 17, 2008  4:17 PM

Slashgear – Chevy VOLT is coming and it’s HOT!

Posted by: David Vasta
New Technology, Offtopic

There is no word play, it’s not on fire or anything. The new Chevy VOLT, the electric car, is coming and there are some really good pictures of it on SlashGear. I am no fan of American Cars, they have been lacking for some time and all feel very cheap, but the VOLT looks sporty and the interior is neat too. I might just have to get one of those and trade in my Volvo. Nothing says bleeding edge geek like the first all electric car from Chevy.

Link:: Slashgear – Chevy Volt

September 16, 2008  5:30 PM

Blackberry STORM on Slashgear

Posted by: David Vasta
Blackberry, Just Blogging, RIM

Slashgear has some leak photos of the new Blackberry STORM, and  I for once am excited about a new Blackberry model. I know a new Blackberry has nothing to do with the IBM i, it does impact all of our worlds. Most of you out there have a phone or a Blackberry and now according to the specs the STORM is going to have a touch screen, which is awesome.

BTW: When I cap STORM, I am not yelling I am only using the caps keys to point out the name.

September 15, 2008  6:42 PM

Domino 8.5 Beta 2 on iSeries Software Requirements

Posted by: David Vasta
Domino on System i, Lotus Domino

With the release of Domino 8.5 Beta 2, comes this TechNote for running the beta on your iSeries.

LINK :: Domino 8.5 Beta 2 on iSeries Software Requirements

September 15, 2008  2:40 PM

System i Blogger – Navigator for i5/OS Database Gets Even Better in V6R1

Posted by: David Vasta
i for business, IBM i, IBM News, System i Blogger News

Link :: System i Blogger – Navigator for i5/OS Database Gets Even Better in V6R1

If you’ve used the V5R4 set of data-base tools in System i Navigator, you’ll enjoy the additional database functionality in the V6R1 version, renamed Navigator for i5/OS. The On Demand Performance Center is one area that has grown with another release of enhancements. New features such as Visual Explain While Running, overview comparison of multiple SQL performance monitors, and the ability to save analysis reports make Navigator more useful than ever. So let’s walk through these and other enhancements.

Link :: System i Blogger – Navigator for i5/OS Database Gets Even Better in V6R1

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