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August 31, 2007  12:32 PM

IBM reports atomic storage progress

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
storage technology research

IBM has reported two discoveries in its ongoing work in nanotechnology, both of which have implications for data storage of almost unimaginably tiny proportions.

According to a Reuters report,...

August 31, 2007  12:20 PM

Storage vendors planning to bask in VMworld spotlight

Posted by: mwright16
Storage conferences

It is not often that a non-storage conference distracts from the normal round of storage conferences such as Storage Decisions and Storage Networking World, but that may be the case when VMworld kicks off on September 11. What makes this event unique is that multiple storage vendors are planning...

August 29, 2007  11:31 AM

Seagate: We are not for sale

Posted by: Beth Pariseau

A recent New York Times report touched off speculation last week that Seagate was about to be bought out by a Chinese company, rumored to be Lenovo, "raising concerns among American government officials about the risks to national security in transferring high technology to China,"...

August 13, 2007  10:38 AM

Summer reading

Posted by: Karen Guglielmo
Storage backup

Summertime is the best, obviously. BBQs, swimming and generally lounging around can't be beat. Unfortunately, the weekend's over and we're all back at our computers pecking away. Jo Maitland and I recently put together a...

August 8, 2007  12:53 PM

Reyes verdict offers peace of mind

Posted by: JoMaitland

Greg Reyes, the former CEO of Brocade, was found guilty of securities fraud yesterday in the first criminal case involving the backdating of stock options. For IT users, the result should offer some peace of mind that when you spend millions of dollars with a company, it is not going to get away...

August 6, 2007  9:03 AM

The Linux effect on storage

Posted by: cgibney
SAN, Storage backup

Linux is currently used in about 20% of the medium to large sized data centers, and according to some reports, it will be in some 33% of data centers before the end of the year. By 2011, it is expected that most data centers will have at least half of their environment running some flavor of the...

August 3, 2007  5:56 PM

Today CA delivered

Posted by: mwright16
Storage backup, Strategic storage vendors

Since my blog entry about CA posted yesterday, CA representatives and I have had a number of conversations about what I wrote and what the company has delivered in product functionality. In doing so, both of us have come to the realization that there were some misperceptions and missteps on...

August 2, 2007  6:29 PM

CA has yet to deliver

Posted by: mwright16
Storage backup

This last week, I had a chance to catch up with CA on what integration has occurred in their Recovery Management product line since I last spoke to them in February. Based upon what they told me in the first interview and the little progress they had made, I spoke to them again to make sure I...

July 31, 2007  2:39 PM

Service level agreement tutorial

Posted by: Karen Guglielmo
Podcast, Storage backup

Over the past month, I've been working on putting together podcast tips with some of our experts. Pierre Dorion, certified business continuity professional for Mainland Information Systems Inc., recently contributed a podcast called "Outsourcing backup: Get the right service level agreement". In...

July 20, 2007  9:21 AM

Not perfect, but good enough

Posted by: mwright16
Storage backup

Storage system-based asynchronous replication isn’t perfect, but for many corporations it is good enough. Having just completed researching and writing a feature on the topic of storage system-based asynchronous replication for an upcoming issue of Storage magazine, it appears user adoption of...

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