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July 5, 2012  7:13 AM

Pros and cons of buying a one-vendor storage solution

Posted by: Randy Kerns
Storage, storage system, Storage tips, storage vendors; mergers and acquisitions; data deduplication

When buying storage, IT teams often wonder if it is worthwhile to buy a complete package of storage system, management software, data protection and other elements from a single vendor. Buying everything from one vendor has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include: • The...

May 6, 2012  8:31 PM

Advent of modern storage

Posted by: Randy Kerns
automated storage management, nand flash, storage system, thin provisioning, wide striping

Storage systems are undergoing important changes. New systems are becoming available that are both sophisticated and make storage “simple.” Simple is mainly a euphemism for automating many complicated tasks that administrators had to deal with before, but there’s a lot more to this than just...

July 14, 2011  1:02 PM

Nimble adds storage system, grabs $25M in funding

Posted by: Dave Raffo
CS210, iSCSI, nimble storage, storage system

Nimble Storage today added a smaller model of its combination primary storage/backup platform and $25 million in fresh funding. Nimble launched...

April 6, 2009  3:24 PM

3PAR brings 4 controllers to midrange, skips SSD for now

Posted by: Dave Raffo
disk arrays, storage system

3PAR’s new F Class midrange systems that launched today look a lot like its T-Class enterprise systems, only smaller. So the F-Class inherits its share of enterprise features as well as the gap in the T-Class platform

The enterprise features includes the ability to scale to four...


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