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June 26, 2012  7:52 AM

DataCore teaches SANsymphony-V to play in the cloud

Posted by: Sonia Lelii
datacore, storage cloud, storage management, storage virtualization

DataCore has upgraded its SANsymphony-V storage virtualization and management software to make it better suited to large...

April 12, 2012  12:20 PM

Consumerization of IT leads to accidental storage admins

Posted by: Randy Kerns
IT generalist, storage admin, storage management

One of the ongoing changes in IT is the transition to IT generalists configuring and managing storage in all but the largest enterprises. This was always common in small enterprises, but now is increasingly the case in the mid-tier enterprise, too. Beyond storage, the IT...

March 7, 2012  11:04 AM

Risks from IT changes are real

Posted by: Randy Kerns
data center optimization, storage management

There is a great hesitancy on the part of IT in data center optimization initiatives due to the risks involved. IT pros are aware of the problems that can occur and almost everyone has painful stories to tell of things that have gone wrong. Even with the great benefits from data center...

December 1, 2011  8:57 AM

Business critical applications drive storage requirements

Posted by: Randy Kerns
business continuity, business critical applications, disaster recovery, storage management

Discussions for buying storage typically begin with determining the company's requirements,  and usually focus on meeting the needs of business critical applications -- also known as tier 1 applications. As the term implies, these applications are the most critical to an organization. In most...

November 16, 2011  8:32 AM

Making storage simple isn’t easy

Posted by: Randy Kerns
storage management, storage systems

IT managers want storage systems that are simple to administer. They measure ease of installation in time and the number of steps it takes. Ongoing administration is viewed as a negative – “Just alert me when there is a problem and give me choices of what to do about it” is a familiar...

September 2, 2011  12:04 PM

VMWorld notebook: Symantec prepares Storage Foundation 6 with primary dedupe

Posted by: Dave Raffo
fcoe, primary deduplication, Project Lightning, Storage Foundation, storage management, VMWorld 2011

LAS VEGAS – Storage-related notes from this week’s VMWorld 2011: Symantec has done a lot lately to try and catch up to smaller rivals on virtual...

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July 11, 2011  1:05 PM

How CIOs obtain information – observations from the field

Posted by: Randy Kerns
storage arrays, storage management, vaai

When talking to CIOs, IT directors and managers, I’m sometimes surprised by what they know – and don’t know – about industry developments. During an education session I held recently, the IT people told me they had not heard of

June 21, 2011  4:32 PM

Misconcpetions about storage tiering in the mid-tier

Posted by: Randy Kerns
solid state storage, storage management, storage tiering

During many of my discussions with IT managers and directors who would be classified in the mid-tier enterprise space (over 1,000 employees), it has become clear that few have deployed storage systems using

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February 18, 2010  3:32 PM

NetApp’s Georgens: Mulitprotocol storage hot, tiering not so

Posted by: Dave Raffo
storage management, storage vendors, unified storage

NetApp appears to be the big winner in storage sales at the end of 2009 as spending picked up after a slow year. NetApp Wednesday reported $1.01 billion in revenue for last quarter. Its product revenue increased 17% over the last year, while larger rivals EMC and Hewlett-Packard had year-over-year...


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