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August 19, 2013  7:24 PM

3D Flash is Star of the 2013 Flash Memory Summit

Posted by: Rich Castagna
flash, nand flash, samsung, solid state, solid state storage, stoage vendors, Toshiba

The eighth annual Flash Storage Summit in Santa Clara, Calif., was once again an interesting mix of solid-state builders and buyers. While much of the exhibit hall featured exhibitors showing off components and testing gear in hopes of snagging OEM...

September 10, 2012  8:41 AM

Ten-year storage systems bring tremendous benefits

Posted by: Randy Kerns
solid state storage, Storage

Thanks to solid-state technology, the lifespan of advanced storage systems is taking a step-function increase. This advance will bring a great cost benefit to IT operations.

August 13, 2012  2:55 PM

Violin turns to Symantec for solid-state software stack

Posted by: Dave Raffo
flash, flash array, solid state storage, Storage, Symantec, violin memory

Flash arrays already have spinning disk drives beat for performance, but they will require data management software for flash to become the medium of choice...

August 7, 2012  4:10 PM

SolidFire gains its first cloud customer

Posted by: Dave Raffo
solid state drives, solid state storage, Storage

SolidFire, which sells all-solid state storage arrays to cloud service providers, revealed its first customer...

June 22, 2012  11:12 AM

X-IO’s hybrid storage gets thumbs up at TechEd

Posted by: Dave Raffo
hybrid flash arrays, solid state storage, X-io

When X-IO won two Best of Microsoft TechEd awards last week, it was the second time in two months that X-IO CTO Steve Sicola felt that his technology was validated at a vendor show. X-IO’s

April 19, 2012  9:13 AM

EMC says new VMAX and Thunder coming soon, HDD price hikes staying

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Cloud storage, emc, flash, hard-drive shortage, solid state storage

EMC executives today said the price increase for hard drives put into place late last year will continue for most of this year. They also...

April 2, 2012  10:28 AM

Flash array vendor Violin Memory plays familiar funding tune

Posted by: Dave Raffo
flash storage array, solid state storage, violin memory

Violin Memory today picked up another $50 million in funding and a new strategic partner in SAP. If the market cooperates, it will be the last funding round before Violin follows its solid-state storage rival Fusion-io to...

February 16, 2012  4:42 PM

HP goes all-flash with new LeftHand iSCSI system

Posted by: Dave Raffo
iSCSI SAN, LeftHand, solid state storage

Hewlett-Packard today quietly launched an all solid-state drive (SSD) version of its LeftHand iSCSI SAN array. Unlike the server and services announcements HP made at its Global Partner Conference, HP made its storage news with little fanfare on a company

February 15, 2012  6:16 PM

SanDisk acquires FlashSoft to accelerate flash performance

Posted by: Dave Raffo
FlashSoft, SanDisk, server-based flash, solid state storage

One by one, solid-state flash vendors are adding caching software to enhance their products. SanDisk picked up startup FlashSoft today in a...

January 19, 2012  5:40 PM

All-flash storage array startup WhipTail secures funding

Posted by: Dave Raffo
flash array, solid state storage, WhipTail

WhipTail, the all-flash storage array vendor tucked away in Whippany, N.J., closed a Series B funding round and revealed a high-profile customer this week. Although WhipTail failed to disclose the amount of its funding, but industry sources say it was about $9.5 million. That’s not in the same...

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