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January 15, 2010  1:06 PM

Looking ahead to the Consumerization of IT and virtualization in 2010

Posted by: Tskyers
Cloud storage, small business storage, Storage and server virtualization

After enjoying the last couple of hours of 2009 with my family, I thought how fitting it would be to end the year with a post! I've been incredibly busy this year and my lack of posts really shows it, one would think I forgot my login or something. In that time, however, there has been no lack...

November 9, 2009  8:34 PM

HP looks to entice SMBs, hypes Hyper-V bundles

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
small business storage, Storage and server virtualization, storage vendors

HP made some storage updates today as part of a larger announcement aimed at SMBs looking to cut costs, including new Hyper-V bundles. Storage-related updates include:

  • New application-integrated snapshot option for LeftHand iSCSI SANs. LeftHand already had...

September 28, 2009  6:41 PM

Symantec sounds alarm on SMB disaster recovery

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
small business storage

Symantec Corp. says the results of a recent worldwide survey of 1,653 small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and those who do business with them show a gap between how these companies perceive their 

May 14, 2009  8:11 PM

Analyst: SMB NAS products should cozy up to the TV

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
NAS, small business storage

If you've been paying attention to recent storage product news, you may detect a distinctly consumer-ish flavor. Several vendors have recently redoubled efforts to reach the ever-elusive small business, home office and tech-savvy consumer. So far this year, the wave of...

February 5, 2009  7:55 PM

EMC expands Iomega NAS platform

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
small business storage

EMC Corp. rolled out a 4 TB home NAS box for the Iomega StorCenter line today, and an EMC official told Storage Soup about other software and hardware updates to come for EMC's SMB, SOHO and consumer products later this year. The Iomega StorCenter Pro ix4-100 is an upmarket successor to the...

December 1, 2008  4:33 PM

Lessons learned from personal disaster recovery

Posted by: Tskyers
Data center disaster recovery planning, small business storage

I've recently been at the fuzzy end of the data recovery/data availability lollipop. I lost a motherboard due to some crazy unknown issue/interaction with my front-mounted headphone jack, the motherboard and the sound card. During this nightmare I've come to appreciate even more the process of...

November 17, 2008  4:43 AM

CA goes SaaS route with DR

Posted by: Dave Raffo
data backup, Data center disaster recovery planning, small business storage, Storage backup, Storage Software as a Service

CA jumped into the software as a service (SaaS) game by launching three offerings at CA World. The SaaS offerings include a disaster recovery/business continuity service called CA Instant Recovery On Demand, which...

October 1, 2008  3:23 PM

Unitrends unites backup, DR management

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data backup, Data center disaster recovery planning, small business storage

SMB backup and DR vendor Unitrends has released version 4.0 of its RapidRecovery management software for its Data Protection Unit disk-to-disk backup hardware. The new version completes a yearlong effort from Unitrends to bring together what were once separate GUIs for managing backup and offsite...

September 25, 2008  11:18 AM

Staples to rebrand Mozy online backup service, EMC drops Fortress name

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data backup, small business storage, Storage managed service providers, Storage Software as a Service

Office supplies giant Staples is adding a rebranded version of EMC's Mozy online backup service to its Thrive online backup services, which already include a rebranded version of i365's EVault for...

August 14, 2008  8:13 AM

The great storage chargeback debate

Posted by: Tskyers
Data storage management, small business storage, Storage and server virtualization, Storage tips

"You need HOW MUCH for storage?!" That question has been heard by many of us currently submitting budgets for the next calendar year, quickly followed by "Are you SURE you need that much disk? Didn't we just get disk last year? Where did they all go!? I want your house audited....

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