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September 18, 2013  10:48 AM

Solving ‘big storage’ problems requires new approaches

Posted by: Randy Kerns
big data, big data storage, object storage, Storage

Dealing with information in IT operations includes delivering the resources to store and retrieve information as well as all the management and security requirements. Continued capacity demand creates challenges in adding more storage systems, adapting the data protection process for additional...

August 9, 2012  8:17 AM

NetApp embraces CDMI standard in its object storage

Posted by: Dave Raffo
netapp, object storage, Storage

With its release of StorageGRID 9 object storage software today, NetApp becomes the first major storage vendor to support the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standard. CDMI is a Storage...

May 10, 2012  10:54 AM

Quantum partners with Amplidata for object storage

Posted by: Dave Raffo
amplidata, big data, object storage, Quantum

Quantum will add object storage as a tier on top of its

April 16, 2012  8:11 AM

Amplidata bulks up hardware with 3 TB drives

Posted by: Sonia Lelii
amplidata, amplistor XT, erasure codes, object storage

Two weeks after optimizing its object-based storage software, Amplidata is making its appliance denser to hold more data and use less power. The...

March 27, 2012  3:11 PM

Startup Basho heads for the cloud

Posted by: Dave Raffo
amazon S3, basho, Cloud storage, object storage, riak CS

Basho today launched an object storage application for service providers and large organizations who want to build Amazon S3-type

February 29, 2012  5:55 PM

Amplidata gets funding from Intel, others for object storage

Posted by: Dave Raffo
amplistor, object storage

Object-storage startup Amplidata picked up $8 million in funding and a new strategic investor today. New investor Intel Capital joins previous Amplidata investors Swisscom Ventures, Big Bang Ventures and Endeavour Vision to bring the vendor’s total funding to $14 million. Amplidata CEO Wim De...

December 14, 2011  2:03 PM

HDS sharpens file capabilities for the cloud

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Cloud storage, hitachi content platform (HCP), hitachi data ingestor (HDI), object storage

Hitachi Data Systems added a few more lanes to its cloud storage on-ramp today. HDS brought out the Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) caching appliance a...

October 12, 2011  7:06 PM

Dell adds Ocarina compression to object storage

Posted by: Dave Raffo
data reduction, dell, object storage

Dell today revealed the first product it will release using data reduction technology from its

December 2, 2010  8:27 PM

Forrester lists objections to object storage

Posted by: Dave Raffo
object storage

While storage vendors are paying a lot of attention to object storage these days, a new report from Forrester Research points to limitations that make the technology the wrong choice for many...

April 7, 2010  1:29 PM

NetApp buys Bycast for object storage

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Cloud storage, NAS, object storage, storage vendors

Two weeks after Dell revealed plans to develop an object storage system, NetApp today disclosed its object storage strategy by acquiring privately held Canadian vendor Bycast. Bycast’s


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