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October 3, 2012  2:46 PM

IBM delivers new enterprise array powered by Power7

Posted by: Dave Raffo
ibm, ibm storage, Storage

IBM today upgraded its flagship storage system, the DS8870 high-end enterprise array. The big additions are the use of 16-core Power7 controllers and support for 1 TB of usable system cache,...

August 30, 2012  7:09 AM

Solid state requires storage re-design

Posted by: Randy Kerns
ibm, solid state drives, solid state storage; PCIe flash, Storage

IBM’s acquisition of Texas Memory Systems is the latest salvo in the battle of heavyweights as companies position themselves to offer primary storage based on...

August 16, 2012  2:42 PM

IBM selects ‘mature’ flash option, buys Texas Memory Systems

Posted by: Dave Raffo
flash arrays, Flash storage, ibm, ibm storage, Storage

IBM’s acquisition of Texas Memory Systems (TMS) today means there is one less independent flash array vendor out there and one more established storage vendor with a concrete solid-state storage strategy. Industry insiders expect

September 12, 2011  2:25 PM

Are you ready for SSD sprawl?

Posted by: Mkellett
ibm, SSD

IBM is talking up the results of a recent survey Zogby International did on its behalf. There are some not-so-surprising results—most of the IT pros are concerned about

December 15, 2010  6:24 PM

IBM, STEC seek to make MLC solid state an enterprise play

Posted by: Dave Raffo
ibm, multi-level cell, solid state storage, stec

IBM is bringing STEC multi-level cell (MLC) solid state drives into the enterprise, and the word from STEC is that others will follow soon. SSD supplier STEC today said IBM is using its ZeusIOPS MLC flash...

November 19, 2010  8:15 PM

IBM shares peek at shared-nothing cluster technology

Posted by: Dave Raffo
cloud, data warehousing, GPFS, hadoop, ibm

IBM won the Supercomputing 2010 HPC Storage Challenge this week with a technology designed for signifcantly improvement performance of running analytics and queries for large data sets as well as cloud applications. Developed at IBM Research Almaden, the General Parallel File System-Shared...

October 7, 2010  2:39 PM

IBM brings out new midrange, enterprise storage arrays

Posted by: Dave Raffo
ibm, storage arrays

IBM launched two new storage systems today. The Storwize V7000 is a brand new midrange array and the DS8800 is an upgrade from its DS8700 high-end enterprise SAN system. IBM will hold a live event and...

October 1, 2010  12:56 AM

IBM seeds the clouds with XIV, Storwize, SONAS

Posted by: Dave Raffo
ibm, sonas, storwize, xiv

Like other large storage vendors, IBM gets criticized for having too many storage platforms and for not making it clear which products are best for certain markets. But IBM is looking to clarify the position of several of its systems by combining them as part of its cloud storage strategy. Todd...


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