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October 25, 2012  6:52 PM

Apple, Facebook still love Fusion-io

Posted by: Dave Raffo
fusion-io, PCIe flash, violin memory

Fusion-io CEO David Flynn said the server flash vendor is selling into more enterprises who want to speed database performance. But the bulk of its business...

August 2, 2012  7:52 AM

Fusion-io looks to steal EMC’s Thunder with ION

Posted by: Dave Raffo
emc, fusion-io, Storage

Fusion-io this week revealed plans to launch ION Data Accelerator software later this year, giving the vendor the ability to turn a server with a

November 15, 2011  2:17 PM

Fusion-io braces for competition with bigger, faster PCIe flash device

Posted by: Dave Raffo
fusion-io, PCIe flash, solid state storage

Fusion-io has been one of the early successes in solid-state storage, turning its early lead in PCIe flash cards into an

November 3, 2011  4:26 PM

Fusion-io CEO: EMC’s Project Lightning will cost too much

Posted by: Dave Raffo
fusion-io, PCIe flash, Project Lightning, solid state storage

Fusion-io showed there is a hunger for server-based PCIe solid-state drive (SSD) accelerator cards by beating Wall Street estimates for sales last quarter, and CEO David Flynn said he’s not worried about EMC cutting into his success when the storage vendor comes out with its server-based flash...

August 5, 2011  12:21 AM

Fusion-io picks up SSD caching startup IO Turbine

Posted by: Dave Raffo
fusion-io, IO turbine, PCIe flash, solid state storage

Fusion-io just completed it's first quarter as a public company, and already its acting like a grown-up vendor. The PCI-based solid state storage vendor today acquired caching software startup

June 23, 2011  1:24 PM

Xiotech’s SSD strategy: beat Fusion-io

Posted by: Dave Raffo
fusion-io, hybridISE, SSD, xiotech

The people who run Xiotech are closely watching Fusion-io these days. That’s because the rollout of its Hybrid ISE


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