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data backup

April 30, 2008  10:23 AM

RenewData takes a single swipe at tapes

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data backup, tape data storage

Even as we continue to debate whether or not tape is dead, indicating at least that its salad days are probably behind it, some of the most interesting innovations in tape technology I've seen...

April 21, 2008  4:21 PM

Data deduplication: no lifeguard on duty?

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data backup, data compliance and archiving, data deduplication

In the course of a conversation today with a new SRM vendor, ArxScan, CEO Mark Fitzsimmons mentioned a use case for the startup's product that had me raising my eyebrows: basically, keeping data deduplication systems honest.

According to Fitzsimmons, a large pharma company wanted the...

April 18, 2008  4:33 PM

Data dedupe dance cards filling up

Posted by: Dave Raffo
data backup

IBM's acquisition of Diligent Technologies today will alter several relationships of major vendors as they look to add

April 17, 2008  4:17 PM

Disk vs. tape, cont’d (ad nauseam)

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data backup

Disk vs. tape is not a new argument, but over time it takes on different permutations, especially as disk-based backup in its various forms gains popularity and new technologies get introduced like data deduplication that bring some of the economics of disk closer to those of tape. One theme I've...

April 14, 2008  2:20 PM

Blog dialogue: Online vs. traditional backup

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data backup, software as a service, Storage backup

I was very happy to see one of my regular blog-stops, Anil Gupta's Network Storage, pick up on a recent post I wrote--the one about HP's new online storage services.

In his response...

March 5, 2008  3:47 PM

New data protection gadgetry hits the streets

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data backup, Data center disaster recovery planning

Two storage-related announcements came out of CeBIT this week that have turned a few heads. The first is the FlashBack Adapter from thumb-drive king SanDisk. The device fits into the ExpressCard slot of a user's PC, and automatically and continuously backs up and encrypts data onto a flash memory...

February 15, 2008  11:59 AM

A storage reporter’s shameful secret comes to an end

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data backup, disk drives, software as a service, Storage backup

I feel the need to make a confession here. Up until yesterday, despite spending a generous portion of my waking hours covering data backup, disaster recovery and data protection, I myself did not have a backup plan. I do digital photography in my spare time, and creative writing outside work, and...

January 31, 2008  11:02 AM

Recovering data from a crashed drive using VMware

Posted by: Tskyers
data backup, disk drives, VMware

I was talking with a friend the other day about the prospect of multi-terabyte hard drives and how painful it would be to lose that much data. My friend -- being my friend of course -- countered that it's not the amount of data, but where it resides and what the data is that's important. For...

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