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April 21, 2014  6:46 AM

Splunk’s app for VMware deepens NetApp support

Posted by: Sonia Lelii
Cloud storage, Storage, VMware

Data analytics and security vendor Splunk made it easier to use its software with NetApp and VMware with the latest version of its Splunk App for VMware. The San...

October 2, 2013  9:26 AM

Nirvanix files for bankruptcy

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Cloud storage, Nirvanix, storage vendors; cloud storage

Failed cloud storage provider Nirvanix has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to a statement posted Tuesday on the company’s web site. Nirvanix also posted a statement...

June 21, 2012  8:03 AM

Will Bitcasa be su casa for files?

Posted by: Dave Raffo
bitcasa, Cloud storage, file sharing

Bitcasa took in $7 million in Series A funding to enter the cloud storage market this week. The startup also launched an open beta for its consumer file storage cloud and declared plans to expand its service to businesses later...

May 24, 2012  8:52 AM

EMC World 2012 Wrap: Sneak peaks at Projects X and Thunder

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Cloud storage, emc world, facebook storage, Flash storage, Nirvanix, syncplicity

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- EMC was stingy with details of its pet flash projects during most of EMC World 2012, but offered glimpses of early versions of "Project X" and...

April 26, 2012  9:09 AM

Will Google Drive cloud storage adoption or IT headaches?

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Cloud storage, google drive, Imation, IT consumerization, nasuin, online file sharing, ovum, panzura, spideroak

Just because Google Drive is aimed at SMBs and consumers doesn’t mean the cloud storage service will have no impact on enterprises.

April 25, 2012  10:45 AM

Symform grabs funding, seeks partners for peer storage cloud

Posted by: Dave Raffo
cloud backup, Cloud storage, peer to pper cloud, symform

Startup Symform has a peer-to-peer cloud storage and backup model that seems a bit whacky at first – its cloud consists of disk space from users’ PCs, servers and NAS...

April 19, 2012  9:13 AM

EMC says new VMAX and Thunder coming soon, HDD price hikes staying

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Cloud storage, emc, flash, hard-drive shortage, solid state storage

EMC executives today said the price increase for hard drives put into place late last year will continue for most of this year. They also...

March 27, 2012  3:11 PM

Startup Basho heads for the cloud

Posted by: Dave Raffo
amazon S3, basho, Cloud storage, object storage, riak CS

Basho today launched an object storage application for service providers and large organizations who want to build Amazon S3-type

March 20, 2012  2:57 PM

Which storage cloud is fastest?

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Cloud storage, data migration

Do you ever wonder how long it would take to move a dozen terabytes from one cloud provider to another, or even between two accounts in the same cloud? Probably not, if you’re sane. But maybe you do if you have data in the cloud and think you might want to switch one day for performance or...

March 1, 2012  5:03 PM

Storage users spared downtime from Microsoft Azure crash

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Cloud storage, leap year crash, windows azure

The good news for Microsoft Windows Azure cloud storage customers was found in the last sentence of the third paragraph of the blog update about its

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