Storage Soup:

August, 2012

August 31, 2012  7:58 PM

More storage notes from VMworld

Posted by: Rich Castagna

While the VMworld conference might have been a little light on major storage product news, the sheer number of storage vendors showing off their wares meant there were still plenty of interesting product developments even in the absence of blockbuster announcements.

August 31, 2012  3:49 PM

Those annoying backups could be a big data resource

Posted by: Rich Castagna

A lot of storage managers wish backup would go away -- or at least become a much less visible process that's built into apps or storage systems, does its thing...

August 31, 2012  8:36 AM

VMworld 2012 storage notes

Posted by: Dave Raffo

New VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger found himself attending at least one VMworld event that he would have needed a disguise to get into a year ago. Gelsinger was a special...

August 30, 2012  7:09 AM

Solid state requires storage re-design

Posted by: Randy Kerns
ibm, solid state drives, solid state storage; PCIe flash, Storage

IBM’s acquisition of Texas Memory Systems is the latest salvo in the battle of heavyweights as companies position themselves to offer primary storage based on...

August 24, 2012  9:46 AM

VMworld spawns storage announcements

Posted by: Randy Kerns
Storage, Virtualization strategies, VMware

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of storage product launches in the past few weeks and that will continue during VMworld 2012, which begins Sunday in San Francisco. VMworld has become...

August 24, 2012  8:25 AM

Flash Memory Summit shows SSD decisions require research

Posted by: Rich Castagna
flash, flash array, flash arrays, Storage

Storage pros are used to having to stick their heads under the hood to figure out the intricacies of storage techs, but they may not be so comfortable having to delve even deeper into the inner workings of their gear. But at this stage of its development and adoption,

August 23, 2012  2:17 PM

Forget acquisitions, HDS will build its own flash storage

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform, Hitachi VSP, PCIe flash, Storage

Every storage vendor has a solid-state strategy, and today Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) revealed plans for putting flash in its storage controllers,

August 22, 2012  8:28 AM

Dell storage sales still limping, post-EMC

Posted by: Dave Raffo
dell storage, emc

Dell storage remains a work in progress, nearly two years since it ended its OEM deal with EMC. Dell’s storage revenue was lower than expected last quarter, coming in at $435 million....

August 17, 2012  8:20 AM

Brocade CEO says he’ll leave on a happy note

Posted by: Dave Raffo
brocade, Storage

Brocade CEO Mike Klayko is stepping down after more than seven years in the position, saying the switch maker’s rosy financial position makes this a good time for a transition at the top. Klayko Thursday revealed he would leave Brocade, pending the company’s successful search for a...

August 16, 2012  2:42 PM

IBM selects ‘mature’ flash option, buys Texas Memory Systems

Posted by: Dave Raffo
flash arrays, Flash storage, ibm, ibm storage, Storage

IBM’s acquisition of Texas Memory Systems (TMS) today means there is one less independent flash array vendor out there and one more established storage vendor with a concrete solid-state storage strategy. Industry insiders expect

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