Storage Soup:

February, 2012

February 16, 2012  9:21 AM

NetApp developing server-side flash software

Posted by: Dave Raffo
hard-drive shortage, netapp, server-side flash, vfcache

NetApp CEO Tom Georgens says he expects server-side flash to become a key part of his vendor’s flash strategy. However, NetApp will take a different approach than its rival EMC. Asked about EMC’s

February 15, 2012  6:16 PM

SanDisk acquires FlashSoft to accelerate flash performance

Posted by: Dave Raffo
FlashSoft, SanDisk, server-based flash, solid state storage

One by one, solid-state flash vendors are adding caching software to enhance their products. SanDisk picked up startup FlashSoft today in a...

February 15, 2012  9:17 AM

Today’s data growth requires new management approaches

Posted by: Randy Kerns
data growth, data management, storage efficiency

Information Technology storage professionals are looking at a grim situation. The amount of capacity they need to store their organizations’ data is beyond the scope of what they can deal with given their current resources. The

February 14, 2012  4:15 PM

IBM wants EMC’s storage customers

Posted by: Sonia Lelii
emc, IBM Corp, Storage, xiv

IBM Corp. is gunning for EMC with its XIV storage system, and "Big Blue" claims it is making a dent in EMC's lead. IBM last week added a multi-level cell (MLC) solid-state drive...

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February 13, 2012  5:18 PM

Is Starboard Storage a startup or Reldata 2.0?

Posted by: Dave Raffo
reldata, starboard storage, unified storage

Starboard Storage Systems launched today, portraying itself as a brand new startup with a new technology and architecture for unified storage. But...

February 10, 2012  10:04 AM

Red Hat brings GlusterFS to Amazon cloud

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Amazon Web Services, Cloud storage

Red Hat has been tweaking and expanding the NAS storage products it acquired from Gluster last October. This week Red Hat brought

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February 9, 2012  8:36 AM

IBM puts SSD cache in XIV

Posted by: Dave Raffo

EMC rolled out its VFCache (“Project Lightning”) server-side flash caching product to great fanfare this week. IBM made a quieter launch, adding a...

February 8, 2012  10:59 AM

Beware of IT inertia

Posted by: Randy Kerns
emerging storage technologies, storage planning and strategy

In information technology, the part of Newton’s laws of motion regarding inertia where a body at rest tends to stay at rest is often prevalent. In IT, this law means changes are increasingly difficult to make because change is often resisted. Resistance to change means missed opportunities to...

February 7, 2012  9:09 AM

EMC’s Gelsinger: We don’t want to sell servers

Posted by: Dave Raffo
emc, server-side flash, vfcache

EMC executives say the storage vendor’s VFCache strategy is to work with server vendors, not to take their business. During Monday’s VFCache launch,...

February 3, 2012  5:03 PM

Cloud storage customer experiences painless migration across providers

Posted by: Sonia Lelii
Amazon, cloud providers, Mirosoft Azure, nasuni, Rackspace

Data migration can be a nightmare for any company, so imagine what an IT manager feels like when his cloud storage vendor tells him, "Hey, we are planning to move about one terabyte of...

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