Storage Soup:

June, 2011

June 30, 2011  1:03 PM

Scale-out NAS purchasing considerations

Posted by: Randy Kerns
scale-out NAS

Scale-out NAS is becoming popular, with most major vendors offering these types of products. As a reminder, scale-out NAS systems will increase performance and capacity...

June 29, 2011  1:12 PM

Oracle buys Ellison’s storage company, Pillar

Posted by: Dave Raffo
pillar data, storage systems

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison today answered the question of what he will do with Pillar Data Systems, which he has invested hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money into.

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June 28, 2011  1:45 PM

IDC: data’s rapidly increasing, staffing isn’t

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Cloud storage, data growth, data management

IDC today released the results of its annual EMC-sponsored Digital Universe study, which confirms what storage...

June 27, 2011  3:00 PM

BlueArc files for IPO, again

Posted by: Dave Raffo
bluearc, clustered NAS, ipo

Following a year of large storage acquisitions, it looks like 2011 might be more IPO-friendly for storage vendors. Two weeks after solid-state storage vendor

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June 23, 2011  1:24 PM

Xiotech’s SSD strategy: beat Fusion-io

Posted by: Dave Raffo
fusion-io, hybridISE, SSD, xiotech

The people who run Xiotech are closely watching Fusion-io these days. That’s because the rollout of its Hybrid ISE

June 21, 2011  4:32 PM

Misconcpetions about storage tiering in the mid-tier

Posted by: Randy Kerns
solid state storage, storage management, storage tiering

During many of my discussions with IT managers and directors who would be classified in the mid-tier enterprise space (over 1,000 employees), it has become clear that few have deployed storage systems using

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June 17, 2011  2:40 PM

Too much air time for Tucci?

Posted by: Dave Raffo
emc, Joe Tucci

EMC CEO Joe Tucci isn’t publicity shy, but he almost certainly wishes he could have avoided his front-page exposure in the Wall Street Journal this week. The Journal...

June 16, 2011  2:28 PM

Lustre as a real storage system

Posted by: Randy Kerns
clusterstor, high performance computing, lustre, xyratex

In the high performance computing (HPC) world, Lustre serves as a...

June 15, 2011  3:51 PM

Vendors’ Battling Business Units hurt customers most

Posted by: Randy Kerns
storage buying decsions

Understanding storage technology can be difficult enough without vendors adding to the problem with odd product positioning. Yet vendors often make things worse when talking to customers or prospective customers. I recently had conversations with two IT professionals that brought to light this...

June 14, 2011  7:18 PM

Quantum pockets Pancetera for virtual server backup

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Pancetera, Quantum, virtual server backup

Quantum acquired startup Pancetera Software today, giving it virtual server backup for its

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