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September, 2008

September 30, 2008  10:58 AM

Let’s manage data, not just storage

Posted by: Brein Matturro

 (Ed. Note: this guest blog comes from Siemens Medical Solutions storage administrator Jim Hood in response to the editorial in the July Storage magazine, Dedupe and virtualization don't solve the real...

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September 26, 2008  1:08 PM

Financial forecast calls for gloom

Posted by: Dave Raffo

Until now, the storage industry has held up well this year in the face of any economic slowdowns - even those affecting the financial services sector.

But with the economy's problems taking...

September 25, 2008  11:18 AM

Staples to rebrand Mozy online backup service, EMC drops Fortress name

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data backup, small business storage, Storage managed service providers, Storage Software as a Service

Office supplies giant Staples is adding a rebranded version of EMC's Mozy online backup service to its Thrive online backup services, which already include a rebranded version of i365's EVault for...

September 24, 2008  9:22 AM

Last stand for NetApp’s DataFort?

Posted by: Dave Raffo
data security, Strategic storage vendors

 In his latest blog, NetApp chief marketing officer Jay Kidd waxes enthusiastic about Brocade’s new encryption...

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September 23, 2008  9:58 AM

Seagate lets its services stand alone

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Storage managed service providers, Strategic storage vendors

Seagate is creating a new umbrella company for the services businesses the disk drive vendor has been accumulating over the last few years. In 2006, Seagate acquired ActionFront Data Recovery Labs, which became Seagate Recovery Services. Last year Seagate added backup and recovery software and...

September 22, 2008  1:00 PM

Much ado about virtual desktop data storage

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data reduction, VMware

Last week at VMWorld, IBM announced the Virtual Storage Optimizer (VSO), ESX-based software that reduces virtual desktop storage by creating a "golden image" of the desktop's operating...

September 18, 2008  2:34 PM

Further news and reading from VMWorld

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Data storage management, Storage conferences, Strategic storage vendors

A couple of additional storage announcements not captured in our VMWorld preview wrap: EMC Corp. said EMC Control Center (ECC)  6.1 will now support reporting on...

September 18, 2008  2:32 PM

VMWorld in Pictures

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Storage conferences

Photobucket As far as I could tell, they did not actually serve liquid genius...

September 16, 2008  10:06 AM

Riverbed preps primary storage dedupe device

Posted by: Dave Raffo

Riverbed took the wraps off what it previously described as its "data center product" Monday, unveiling its Atlas primary data deduplication device at its financial analyst conference well before it will be available for customers. Atlas will use the deduplication technology Riverbed employs in...

September 15, 2008  11:00 AM

Sun’s “Thor” finds a new green friend

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Strategic storage vendors

A startup called greenBytes emerged from stealth today, bringing with it modifications to Sun Microsystems' ZFS file system that will add power-saving features to the SunFire X4540 "Thor" storage server. greenBytes calls its proprietary enhancements to the file system ZFS+. The software bundles in...

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