July 22, 2008  1:23 PM

Amazon’s S3 crashes again; Web 2.0 goes Boom!

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
software as a service, Storage managed service providers

The biggest difference between the last time S3 crashed and this time, in my...

July 21, 2008  1:24 PM

EMC gives LifeLine consumer storage product a facelift

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
NAS, small business storage, Strategic storage vendors

In the course of observing the festivities on NetApp and EMC blogs, I came across a sneaky little blog post/announcement from EMC about its LifeLine consumer storage product. According to The Storage Anarchist...

July 21, 2008  12:25 PM

NetApp bug-blog flap hits Jerry Springer proportions

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Around the water cooler, data compliance and archiving, Strategic storage vendors

Photobucket Source:...

July 18, 2008  10:27 AM

Sun reveals SSD partner, claims better durability

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
disk drives

Sun yesterday identfied Samsung as its SSD supplier, solving at least part of the mystery around the source for its Flash drives. But Sun's systems group senior director Graham Lovell says that Samsung...

July 16, 2008  3:22 PM

NetApp Plasmon’s Trojan Horse for Enterprise Data Centers

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data compliance and archiving, NAS, Strategic storage vendors

Since he sold Softek to IBM and was appointed CEO of British-based optical storage vendor Plasmon last November, Steven Murphy has had a tough row to hoe. Plasmon is one of the few survivors--if not the only survivor--of the optical storage market, which historically has been stunted by usability...

July 15, 2008  3:35 PM

Sexism or lack of execution? Rumbles continue in Greene’s wake

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Around the water cooler, Strategic storage vendors

Perhaps her greatest accomplishment has been to not only survive, but thrive, in the macho male world of EMC. Joe Tucci is an intelligent, honorable human being - I know firsthand - but it will take a long time before sexism no longer exists in this industry. Diane Greene beat the...

July 9, 2008  9:53 AM

EMC enters no-spin zone on VMware CEO’s departure

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Around the water cooler, VMware

A day later after the fact, is has become clear that VMware didn't dump CEO Diane Greene because of personal differences between her and EMC executives. The final straw was a business dispute with EMC brass. Sources close to EMC say the issue that cost Greene her job was she...

July 8, 2008  11:41 AM

VMware CEO Greene gets pink slip

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Around the water cooler, VMware

Last week we ran a story on SearchStorage.com by Beth Pariseau about friction between VMware and storage vendors as more storage gets connected to virtual machines. Because the story focused on technology and...

July 3, 2008  8:59 AM

ILM seems to be MIA, but why?

Posted by: Tskyers
Data storage management

I don't see the terms ILM or Data Lifecycle Management mentioned much anymore on the Interwebs. Odd that we have this many regulatory pressures, and the one thing that could actually save us some money, time and stress when dealing with those pressures hasn't been seen in headlines for at least a...

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