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April, 2008

April 30, 2008  10:23 AM

RenewData takes a single swipe at tapes

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data backup, tape data storage

Even as we continue to debate whether or not tape is dead, indicating at least that its salad days are probably behind it, some of the most interesting innovations in tape technology I've seen...

April 29, 2008  3:07 PM

IBM starts showing its cloud arsenal

Posted by: Dave Raffo
software as a service

Hardly a day goes by without a new storage service rolling out. On Monday, it was IBM's turn to launch two storage services as part of its portfolio of services for midsized customers - organizations with 100 to 400 employees and a handful of Windows servers. The interesting thing about IBM's...

April 29, 2008  1:07 PM

Inside PiWorx

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Storage managed service providers, Storage Software as a Service, Strategic storage vendors

Until now, all we've known about Pi Corp., the startup EMC purchased in February, were that it was still in stealth, and that its software was meant to provide access to content on multiple types of Web-enabled devices. While that description makes sense, it also is vague enough to leave open the...

April 25, 2008  1:51 PM

Nexsan the brave

Posted by: Dave Raffo

 In a bit of a Friday surprise, storage systems vendor Nexsan Technologies today filed for an initial public offering (IPO) with the SEC.

The move is surprising not because of Nexsan's financial situation, but because storage IPOs are so

April 25, 2008  12:39 PM

Primary storage still means one vendor

Posted by: Dave Raffo
Data storage management, Storage protocols (FC / iSCSI)

The term "vendor lock-in" is rarely used in a good way by storage buyers. It usually means you're stuck with products from one vendor, making it difficult to switch if you're unhappy or something better comes along. Still, with probably more options for storage products than ever before, most...

April 24, 2008  10:40 AM

EMC, IBM, thin provisioning and wild animals

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Strategic storage vendors

My daily rounds of the storage industry web this morning brought me to The Storage Anarchist, a blog by an EMCer that I often find interesting. As it turns out, one of my articles was in his...

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April 23, 2008  12:43 PM

Gloves come off in the storage cloud

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Storage managed service providers

HP Upline crashed this week, just a few days after it was launched. As Chris Rock once said, "Grand opening, Grand closing." The crash of such a brand-new service isn't as impactful on end users...

April 21, 2008  4:21 PM

Data deduplication: no lifeguard on duty?

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
data backup, data compliance and archiving, data deduplication

In the course of a conversation today with a new SRM vendor, ArxScan, CEO Mark Fitzsimmons mentioned a use case for the startup's product that had me raising my eyebrows: basically, keeping data deduplication systems honest.

According to Fitzsimmons, a large pharma company wanted the...

April 18, 2008  4:33 PM

Data dedupe dance cards filling up

Posted by: Dave Raffo
data backup

IBM's acquisition of Diligent Technologies today will alter several relationships of major vendors as they look to add

April 18, 2008  12:31 PM

Storage in high places

Posted by: Beth Pariseau
Around the water cooler, storage technology research

Two press releases caught my eye this week that aren't exactly earth-shattering, but got me thinking about the way the storage market is changing and widening. First, SanDisk revealed that its flash cards are...

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