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March 27, 2014  7:44 PM

‘dataSTICKIES’? Sure! Let’s Store 32 GB of Data On a Strip of Scotch Tape!

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data storage, file sharing, flash drives, memory stick, research, thumb, thumb drives

Earlier this month, a number of websites went gaga over something called dataSTICKIES, a graphene-based storage system that would enable you to store up to 32 gb on a narrow multicolored Post-It that could upload data  simply by being stuck anywhere on a particular conductive material on a...

January 1, 2014  1:01 AM

Thieves Use Thumb Drives to Rob ATMs

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
malware, memory stick, thumb drives

Okay, here's a new way to use memory sticks to spread malware -- though to be fair, at least this method doesn't rely on people being stupid enough to pick up...

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November 24, 2013  12:19 PM

Stop Poking USBs Into the ISS International Space Station!

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
flash drives, memory stick, thumb drives, usb

Sigh. We tell you and tell you and...

September 30, 2013  2:19 PM

NASA’s Voyager Used 8-Track Tape to Go Into Space

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data preservation, digital preservation, federal government, government, thumb drives

NASA recently announced that humanity had finally made it to space beyond our solar system -- using less memory than that of a low-end iPhone, an 8-track tape player for storage, and other

June 13, 2013  2:18 PM

Snowden NSA Case Points Up Security Flaws in Thumb Drives

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
federal government, flash drives, memory stick, thumb drives, usb

Whether you believe Edward Snowden is a traitor or a hero, one thing is clear: the federal government is still apparently clueless when it comes to thumb drive security. Word is that Snowden -- as well as Bradley...

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April 29, 2013  7:07 PM

Everything Wrong With Jingming Zhang’s Rutgers Laptop Theft in 1,059 Words

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backblaze, backup, backups, cloud storage, dropbox, flash drives, google drive, law enforcement, memory stick, online backup, replication, skydrive, thumb drives, world backup day, youtube

Jingming Zhang is one unlucky SOB. After five years of research, as he was working on the thesis required for his PhD in chemistry from Rutgers University, the laptop containing all of his data was reportedly stolen from an unlocked lab in the college. Zhang wrote a note and put up flyers about...

January 10, 2013  7:44 PM

Storage Big — Really Big — at CES

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data storage, flash drives, seagate, terabyte hard disk, thumb drives, usb

You know what they say about guys with big thumbs.* The Consumer Electronics Show was this week in Las Vegas, and while I didn't go (do you know how much walking around that involves?) it wasn't hard to figure out that, with all the music and movies and pictures and so on that consumers are,...

December 12, 2012  9:13 PM

USB ‘Dead Drops’ Offer Possibilities, Risks

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
file sharing, flash drives, memory stick, thumb drives, usb

Somewhere along a long, nondescript brick wall, there's a little spot that's different from the rest. Poking out from the rough surface of the wall is the half-inch extension of a USB flash drive. You connect it to your computer, upload or download files, and you're on your way, with no one the...

August 31, 2012  3:11 PM

MD Anderson Cancer Center Loses Patient Data *Again*

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data storage, encryption, flash drives, memory stick, thumb drives

For the second time this year, and the third time since 2006, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas has had to alert patients that it had lost access to their personal data. "On July 14, 2012, MD Anderson...

May 7, 2012  12:03 AM

‘Iron Man’ Shows Advances in Data Storage

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
avenger, data storage, flash drives, iron man, Security, thumb drives

You know, there's nothing like going to the movies to be reminded of how fast things advance in storage technology. As part of seeing The Avengers at midnight on Friday, I attended a Marvel superhero marathon of Iron Man I and II, Thor, and Captain...


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