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November 30, 2013  9:56 AM

I Finally Got a Terabyte On My Laptop

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
cloud storage, samsung, solid-state, ssd, terabyte hard disk, western digital

A little over two years ago, Samsung and Western Digital each announced 9.5 cm 1 TB hard disk drives, which caused me to say at the time “I want a terabyte on my laptop.” Now’s...

January 10, 2013  7:44 PM

Storage Big — Really Big — at CES

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data storage, flash drives, seagate, terabyte hard disk, thumb drives, usb

You know what they say about guys with big thumbs.* The Consumer Electronics Show was this week in Las Vegas, and while I didn't go (do you know how much walking around that involves?) it wasn't hard to figure out that, with all the music and movies and pictures and so on that consumers are,...

July 24, 2011  1:14 PM

I Want a Terabyte On My Laptop

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
samsung, seagate, terabyte hard disk, western digital

Okay, I don't usually talk about speeds and feeds here, but this is cool. Western Digital has designed a hard disk drive that lets you have a 1-terabyte drive on a notebook. Heck, the brick I do my backups on isn't that...


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