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May 7, 2012  12:03 AM

‘Iron Man’ Shows Advances in Data Storage

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
avenger, data storage, flash drives, iron man, Security, thumb drives

You know, there's nothing like going to the movies to be reminded of how fast things advance in storage technology. As part of seeing The Avengers at midnight on Friday, I attended a Marvel superhero marathon of Iron Man I and II, Thor, and Captain...

March 31, 2012  3:22 PM

U.S. Border Laptop Search Can Be Challenged

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
aclu, homeland security, house, manning, privacy, Security, wikileaks

It hasn't gotten a lot of play in the news media, but a recent U.S. District Court decision may at least weaken a policy that theoretically gives the Department of Homeland Security the right to search laptop storage of more than two-thirds of Americans. In case you've forgotten, in August...

March 29, 2012  3:40 PM

Romney Campaign Apparently Planned Ahead for Stolen Laptops

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
government, law enforcement, privacy, Security

We've heard this sort of story before (here, and


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