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June 21, 2013  4:39 PM

Following Amazon, Google Unveils a Bigger Station Wagon

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
amazon, backblaze, bandwidth, cloud storage, encryption, google, pigeons, station wagons

“The point is this: No matter how fat a pipe you have to the Internet, at some given amount of data, it’s going to be faster, cheaper, or both to use some manual method to ship data on some storage medium.” I wrote that in September, 2011, in what remains (if I do say so myself) a...

September 14, 2011  12:25 PM

Pigeons, Station Wagons, Blu-ray, and Data Transfer

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
pigeons, station wagons

XKCD on<br /> File Transfers Sound familiar? The thing is, it's true. Even though Internet speeds continue to increase, the amount of data we want to transmit continues to increase, too. Which is why the various...


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