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February 22, 2014  5:28 PM

The 2 Really Dumb IT Mistakes Scott Walker and Staff Made

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
e-discovery, ediscovery, government

Ethical issues aside -- after revelations this week of a cache of as many as 28,000 documents obtained through an investigation into illegal use of  Milwaukee County, Wis.,  staff for campaign purposes by now-Governor Scott Walker -- one thing is clear: These people don't know much about...

January 27, 2014  5:39 PM

Judge Upholds Right to Border Electronics Searches

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
aclu, eff, encryption, federal government, government, homeland security, privacy

In the tv show the West Wing, there's an episode in the first season called "Take Out the Trash Day," where Josh explains to Donna that in White House parlance, "take out the trash day" refers to the practice of releasing potentially embarrassing news stories at a time when people aren't...

January 24, 2014  6:35 PM

Why the ‘Confide’ App Should Scare the Crap Out of You

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
e-discovery, ediscovery, government

Earlier this month, a couple of guys released a free app for the iPhone that they billed as "Snapchat for business." The app, Confide, is intended to send messages secretly, doesn't allow people to read...

December 23, 2013  12:31 AM

Is Snow a Disaster? It is If You’re In Washington D.C.

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
federal government, government

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October 9, 2013  11:57 PM

Curses! NSA’s Utah Data Center Plagued by Power Problems

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
federal government, government

Update: I have recently been informed by David Eskelsen, a spokesman for Rocky Mountain Power and PacifiCorp Energy, that there are two errors in this story.

One is that the reported 65 MW used by the NSA data center is nearly as much as Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City...

September 30, 2013  2:19 PM

NASA’s Voyager Used 8-Track Tape to Go Into Space

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
data preservation, digital preservation, federal government, government, thumb drives

NASA recently announced that humanity had finally made it to space beyond our solar system -- using less memory than that of a low-end iPhone, an 8-track tape player for storage, and other

September 18, 2013  11:13 PM

xkcd Author Addresses NSA Data Size Issue; Hilarity Ensues

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
bandwidth, data storage, google, government, station wagons

Faithful readers of this blog are aware that we sometimes visit the issue of "what is the bandwidth of a station wagon full of magnetic tapes speeding down the...

August 9, 2013  6:45 PM

What’s the Storage Capacity of an NSA Data Center?

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
backblaze, big data, data center, federal government, government, malware, netapp, seagate, station wagons

You know how people periodically like to figure out the bandwidth of a station wagon loaded with storage media? Now we have a new one: How much storage will the

May 31, 2013  5:57 PM

Judge Reverses Himself on Revealing Encryption Keys in Child Porn Case

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
encryption, government, privacy

Courts have been ruling one way or another in the past few years about whether someone accused of encrypting incriminating information needs to reveal the encryption key to law enforcement. Now we actually have a case where the judge reversed himself. In April,

April 30, 2013  6:25 PM

Utah Government Data Breach More Expensive Than Thought

Posted by: Sharon Fisher
encryption, government, privacy

In another case of governments behaving badly with personal data, the state of Utah has learned that a data breach a year ago is likely to be even more costly than originally estimated – and that’s after the initial estimate was itself increased by almost 30 times. “In late March...

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